Posted on October 22, 2022 at 3:44 am

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Fans share support for Shiv Thakare, trend BEST CAPTAIN SHIV THAKARE

Bigg Boss 16 is on in full swing and the audience is witnessing fast and fresh developments with each passing episode. Most contestants are actively playing their roles in changing the dynamics of the house as much as possible. One of the most talked about contestants currently is Shiv Thakare.


Shiv Thakare is no stranger to reality shows. He began his career with MTV’s Roadies Rising and participated in MTV’s The Anti-Social Network. His most noteworthy work so far is Bigg Boss Marathi season 2 where he emerged as the winner. Shiv Thakare is now part of the 16th season of Hindi television’s most popular reality show and is impressing the audience.

In the house, Shiv has managed to build great bonds so far, especially with Abdu Rozik. The pair often have fun and meaningful conversations and support each other at all times. Shiv has also been expressing his views solidly and clearly. Shiv also became the captain of the house in the third week. Although his captainship did not last as long as expected, he made some strong decisions which have shaken up fellow housemates. He was also very frank about following the rules of the house despite the others not following them.

The audience has been enjoying seeing Shiv on the show so far and he is one of the most talked about contestants this season in these first three weeks. To celebrate their favourite contestant’s performance in the house so far, fans have taken to Twitter to share their love for him. They have been trending the tagline “BEST CAPTAIN SHIV THAKARE”.

Check out some of the tweets here:

This no doubt makes Shiv a clear competitor in this tough and competitive show. It will be interesting to see how his journey unfolds further.

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