Posted on October 22, 2022 at 3:17 am

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Raj Aadmi A Magnate Making His Mark Among Fastest Growing Companies In BC

Raj Aadmi A Magnate Making His Mark Among Fastest Growing Companies In BC

Raj Aadmi

Raj Aadmi A Magnate Making His Mark Among Fastest Growing Companies In BC

Raj Aadmi is an Entrepreneur who has made a mark for himself within many industries and is the owner of Aadmi Group of Companies which is one of the fastest-growing companies in BC. The Group of Companies consists of industries related to the car wash, energy centers, retail commercial space, real estate development, and multiple investment prospects.

Raj launched the Speedwash brand of car washes in the year 2013, they now have 5 locations and over 100 employees. Their new and upcoming location in Chilliwack is to be launched later this year.

Raj’s real estate business portfolio comprises of Matrixx Real Estate Group, The Matrixx Group, and Aadmi Holdings, these companies deal with all aspects of real estate development, real estate sales and purchase, and real estate investment. Raj looks for prime properties for Aadmi Holdings to hold for the long term which eventually develop into high-density assets. Having dabbled into many different industries, Raj credits the success of his companies to his team and employees. He strongly believes that teamwork and treating people the correct way not only leads to entrepreneurial success but it is the right way to do business. Another business venture that Raj started was a Drip Lounge Wellness Clinic which was mainly due to his keen interest in the field of fitness and self-improvement.

Although the success seemed plenty for Mr. Aadmi it was not always the case, during a downturn in the year 2008, Raj was also impacted and nearly lost all of his amassed fortune of over $100 million. This did not discourage Raj and due to his sheer determination and drive, he managed to recover his losses within a few years, and he became one of BC’s prominent entrepreneurs.

Apart from his business success, Raj takes a keen interest in giving back to the community and takes part in numerous philanthropic endeavors along with his team every year. His business acumen and willpower are admired by the entrepreneurial circles within BC and to the many budding entrepreneurs, Raj can be seen as a great source of inspiration.

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