Posted on February 11, 2022 at 9:54 pm

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Aman Maheshwari: Very grateful for Bade Acche Lagte Hai

Aman Maheshwari is Happy doing Bade Acche Lagte Hai


According to him, job satisfaction comes with time.


“I am midway and I am very grateful that God has given me the opportunity of Bade Acche Lagte Hai. I am happy with it and I want to be seen more on TV. As of now, I am shooting less but I want to do more episodes and get more visibility in shows. I want to get into a bigger show, maybe as a lead and show that there is more versatility as an actor,” he said.

Right now, Aman Maheshwari focus is on his daily soap and getting into some bigger projects where he would be able to make a mark in the industry and get more fame.


“I want to be a well-known actor who is appreciated for his looks and acting,” he said.

The last two years were tough for the entertainment industry, but it has bounced back to a great extent.

“The entertainment industry has definitely evolved over the years. I would say that the last two years have been really tough, people were home, there was no shooting, be it television, web or films,” he said.

“I think it is a setback in most of the industry, but things are back on track though there are fewer auditions and fewer opportunities for newcomers as of now. But the producers, directors, and the casting people are only looking for known people for projects. I think it is a difficult time right now, but I am sure that things will bounce back and be normal once again,” he added.

There are pros and cons of being a part of the entertainment industry too.

“The pros everyone knows why the entertainment industry is there because of the passion, the kind of fame everyone wants, and the money as well. Cons are most uncertain. You will hear a lot of experience with TV. It’s very difficult to get a different project as in there is no set thing. In other professions, if you have done your MBA or have a degree, your salary is fixed and you will go for an increment, but in this profession, nothing is fixed and anything can change within a second,” he shared.

Aman Maheshwari on Bade Acche Lagte Hai season 2

Be it assisting people or learning how to make-up and hair professionally, everything related to the industry has helped Aman Maheshwari.


“I was supposed to be in acting, so I got a TV break. There have been lots of ups and downs till now,” he said.

Recalling an incident, he shared, “When I was new in the industry, my face got burned. I was shooting for one of the episodes for Fireworks Production. Because of the bad prosthetic make-up, my face got burned that day. I decided that I am going to learn make-up and use the right products. My eyebrows and everything got burnt because of the bad make-up they used.”

He has managed to build a loyal fanbase, and he has a message for Aman Maheshwari admirers.


“Stay determined, and consistency is the key. Always believe in what you do then things start happening as magic is there. The most important thing is that don’t worry about what society says. Just listen to your parents and focus on your family. Don’t trust people quickly, trust your own instincts and follow the same,” he said.
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