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Aman Maheshwari on Bade Acche Lagte Hain season 2

When it comes to the grey shade characters, I always loved them so I always got one: Aman Aman Maheshwari

Actor Aman Maheshwari was always attracted to the film industry.
He says,” I used to enact and rehearse dialogues looking at how would I sound if I was playing that particular character. Especially when it comes to the grey shade characters, I always loved them so I always got one. Be it Gandi Baat or Bade Acche Lagte Hai season 2. I have always been a people’s person so the whole idea to get into acting is to become a video jockey, to host reality shows like Jhalak Dikhla Ja, India’s got talent. But yes a lot of people don’t know about the humorous side of mine.”

About his Tonal Quality

Speaking further about his tonal quality Aman adds
” I have always been appreciated for my voice. Being a radio jockey, in the beginning, that was one thing that pushed me from audio to the industry of being visible, which is video. One of the people I had been interviewing once upon a time said audio-video Match Karta Hai and that was one line that actually made me realize that I should definitely go for it.”
Furthermore, he states the following in regards to his family support:
“My family has been a very strong support system, especially my father. My mother also has always been supportive. When I was coming to Mumbai from Jaipur, I had appeared for the CA final and my family used to say that you are a well-qualified guy, then why are you going to Mumbai. My father told me to complete my CA, and I will support you financially as Mumbai is a tough place to survive and you need a lot of money to maintain your lifestyle, your body, your acting skills, to join workshops, and whatnot. He has been my support system emotionally as well because there are so many rejections I have seen and trust me it’s been a very tough journey. My family has been my spine.”

I Have Never Given Up Hope

It’s been 6 years since the actor is in Mumbai and he shares all his tales of struggles he has noted in his diary.
He says,” I used to write the number of auditions I had given including my ads and web series. There were very few days when I left to rest and pamper myself. I always used to go for auditions from morning to evening wherever it was. And had no relative or friend in Mumbai to guide me so it’s a long journey. I have never given up hope. Also, I am a professionally trained make-up artist and hairstylist and I have done a lot of good work in that. The good part is I never sat idle at home. Eventually, with acting, I want to get into the beauty business, have my own establishment. I believe to get your work done, you need to know your work first. Mumbai is a city of dreams especially for people who aspire to become models, actors, or born to make their name in the Bollywood industry. Every city has pros and cons. Talking about the pros, I think it gives you a lot and takes a lot so it depends on what you choose for. Mumbai is one place that checks your patience. It is beautiful where people come to achieve their dreams.“

His Character on BALH Season 2

In Bade Achhe Laagte Hai Aman is playing the role of Disha Parmar’s (Priya) ex-boyfriend, her ex-lover. He rejects and dumps Priya on the show and marries her sister, Maitri. Anjum Fakih is playing the role of his wife and Priya’s younger sister.
Aman shares,” My character Neeraj is very egoistic, very selfish, and self-centered.  He is like evil so will become evil because he is not happy with the fact that Priya got married to someone who is way richer than me and a well-settled guy. He cannot believe how Priya can settle with someone who is better and financially stronger than him.  Neeraj always thought Priya would never move on but now he is jealous and an insecure person.”
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