Posted on February 11, 2022 at 10:02 pm

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Anang Desai: Vibes on the set of Vidrohi is good

Anang Desai essays the role of Badamba King Naresh in Subrat Sinha and Dr. Bodhisattva’s Vidrohi. Badamba was a kingdom in Odisha. The actor is happy with how the character is shaping up.


“Kind Naresh has two children, Kalyani (Hemal Dev) and Mohan (Avtar Vaishnani), and he loves them dearly. When East India comes under the leadership of Fletcher, he attacks his kingdom, he initially wants to give in but because of encouragement from Kalyani, he decides to fight back. Individually it was difficult to fight the British and therefore he wanted a treaty with Buxi Jagabandhu (Sharad Malhotra) and the Rodang Kingdom. He also feels that Kalyani should marry Buxi. As an actor I’m trained to do various kinds of roles and this is a good role and I relate to the emotions,” he says.

Anang feels Virodhi is a different kind of show with unique content based on history, which is not much known to people. It highlights the incident that happened in 1817 and how it contributed to the Indian freedom struggle.

“The vibes on the set are very good. We all work in a very friendly atmosphere, apart from all the hard work that we put in. I have a different look at the show. I am wearing this beard and wig, and it’s looking good on me (smile). It takes me almost an hour to get ready. It’s a period drama but I’m quite comfortable in the costumes that I wear,” he adds.

Fans of the show have also complimented the actor, Anang Desai.

“I look very good in the character and they have said how much they have liked it. Many have also told me that they think I have done justice to the role. What else does an actor want? All kinds of shows require hard work and this particular since it’s a period drama and such unique content. So we all have been trying and giving our best. And we all want the love and support of our audience for whom we are making this show,” says the actor.

Talking about working with Gaatha Productions and both the producers, Anang shares, “It’s been a very pleasant experience working with Gaatha Productions and Subrat Sinha Ji and Bodhisattva Ji. We have very cordial relations and we work in a very disciplined and warm atmosphere.”

Anang Desai: Vibes on the set of Vidrohi is good
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