Posted on August 25, 2021 at 10:12 pm

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Sharad Malhotra speaks about his love for music and Bepanah Ishq

Earlier this year – in March – popular on screen jodi  Surbhi Chandna and Sharad Malhotra starred together in the music video ‘Bepanah Pyaar’ sung by Payal Dev and Yaseer Desai. Now the popular Naagin 5 pair have come together again to collaborate with the singer duo in a new music video titled ‘Bepanah Ishq‘ – a sequel to the earlier one. While the track will be releasing on August 24, the makers have already unveiled the teaser of the same. Speaking about it, Sharad says


 ”In Bepanah Pyaar, Surbhi Chandna’s character was that of an undercover cop and I played a robber who fell in love with her under unexpected circumstances. The two ran away at the end but now the entire police force is hunting for them. This new song ‘Bepanah Ishq’ is all about this love story. There is lot of drama and  excitement. With Surbhi the chemistry has always been effortless right from our Naagin days. We may have rehearsed the scene only once or twice, but magic happens in front of camera. I must give credit to the makers of Naagin who cast us together and from there our fans have been consistent with us.”

Sharad Malhotra Bepanah Ishq
Sharad Malhotra Bepanah Ishq

The music video was shot in July in the mountains of Dharamshala, Shimla. Sharad says,

”I was soaked in the beautiful nature and weather and had a great time. I have done 4 music videos till now and 3 more are in the pipeline. Speaking about his last music video Idhar Dekho was a great experience. I have always believed in one thing – life is not always pleasing others; there are things which you do for your own satisfaction and this song is definitely one of that. I am very proud of this music video. The track is so nice and melodious that you want to hum the song constantly.”

Sharad has this image of a romantic hero right from the  beginning in his career. He has maintained that even today. How has this been possible?

He explains,


”You need to ask this to all my heroines and directors. As an an actor I stay true to my character and perform in front of the camera. That’s why people cast me and that’s the reason I am quite consistent with my image. I love that; it’s nice to be loved by the audience. Whether it is a music video or a television show, I have worked in all the romantic roles wholeheartedly and passionately.”

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