Posted on August 25, 2021 at 11:22 am

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Divya Agarwal cries uncontrollably!

Divya Agarwal cries uncontrollably, says, ‘I can’t do arse-licking, I can never do that’

Divya Agarwal Cries Uncontrollably


Bigg Boss OTT on VOOT has taken a new twist leaving some of the contestants aghast with the sudden elimination of Zeeshan Khan who was Divya Agarwal’s connection in the house.

This news creates a havoc on social media as the Twitterati is divided into Team Divya Zeeshan and Team Pratik Nishant. Divya Agarwal who was been seen getting praised by her fans for taking a firm stand for herself was seen breaking down due to Zeeshan Khan her connection and a good friend in the house. While having a conversation with Raqesh Bapat she was witnessed sharing,

“Zeeshan has stood for me since day1. He has always been my support in the house. Everyone single person is against me post weekend ka vaar I am called home wrecker and what not. I feel extremely bad as he is gone now.”

She further concluded saying, “I cannot be an arse licker no matter what. I can’t do that.”


It’s just about time to see how the equations will change here after in the house and how Divya Agarwal will rebuild her connection and with whom.

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