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Payal Dev: I have composed 2 more songs for Ginny Weds Sunny

Payal Dev is an Indian playback singer and music composer who sings and composes music for Bollywood films. She sang many hit independent singles as well as some famous Bollywood tracks.

Payal Dev

Payal Dev while in conversation with UrbanAsian opens up about here latest song ‘LOL’ from Ginny Weds Sunny.

She also talked about her work with Neflix, experience workng with Yami Gautam and Vikrant Massey. Also about her upcoming tracks and more.

– We often say ‘LOL’ as lots of love or lots of laughter. You have created this word for us as song of celebration. How did the idea of this track come out? 

The situation of the movie or the scene was already narrated to me from the producer Vinod Bacchan jii. Which was to be a wedding scene. We cracked the song and shared that scratch to him and he instantly loved the song and locked it for ‘Ginny Weds Sunny’ movie. Lyrically we never did any changes as Kunaal Vermaa penned. The song was perfect in terms of lyrics and it went with the situation overall. Having said that, the entire procedure was super fun from recording the song to releasing it. We all have enjoyed the song very much. Lyrically we never did any changes as Kunaal Vermaa penned the song. It was perfect in terms of lyrics and it went with the situation overall.

– This track is your first wedding composition, first Netflix work, first movie song after lockdown. And it’s like a comeback that after so long you are singing a punjabi track. What was on your mind, how was the feeling all together? 

We all are too well known and used to Punjabi songs and words now, so it’s was not at all difficult to sing. As a singer I never gone through any difficulty with the language until and unless it’s South Indian language which need a translator to make us understand its meaning. But yes this was the situation were we had to do a twist of folk with Punjabi peppy number. It was quite exciting to compose a dance track after long, as during lockdown mostly were love/slow numbers.
In the start the movie was suppose to release in Theatres but due to this Lockdown situation thy decided for an OTT release. Honestly , it was really a great feeling for me that my song would be part of a Netflix film. As it is marking my debut on Netflix as a composer and singer. I hope people who watch this movie, equally enjoy my songs.

– Since lockdown have been making our quarantine so much easy going with your amazing music. Songs like Genda Phool, Toxic, Kyon, Baarish and now LOL is just winning hearts. What inspires you to create such creative track?

Honestly, it completely depends upon the situation of the song. Some songs are made back in the day and are releasing today and some we have recently worked in lockdown as per the brief . But yes, i have been trying to keep my self busy in lockdown by working on new music everyday,

– How was it making the whole wedding punjabi peppy track with Yami Gautam and Vikrant Massey? 

I always knew Yami Gautam and Vikrant Massey will feature in the music video. As the movie team had narrated the same to me. When the producer and director narrated the scene to me, we cracked few tracks and showed the producer which he loved it. In the beginning of the music process. I made them hear to ‘Lol’ which they liked it and also ‘Fir Chala’ which is with Jubin Nautiyal. So the movie team even loved that song and they locked these two song for the movie. At the end it was ‘Sawan’ which the makers wanted to do a recreational song, usually I avoid doing recreational songs as it’s a bit risky and it’s too much pressure in terms of audience liking it or not, but still I have tried my best to recreate it in a new way by collaborating with Badshah, Neha Kakkar and Mika Singh and it features Yami Gautam and Vikrant Massey. I hope audience enjoy the song.

– How is your experience working with Dev Negi. Is there any interesting incident that happened while making the song that you can share with us? 

It’s not my first song with Dev Negi, as a singer I have worked on few projects earlier with him like Student of the Year 2 and then some Bengali songs. Dev is a very good singer of course especially when it’s a dance track, he is amazing. He put his complete energy into it. So in the beginning when we were making ‘Lol’ song so it was a female song but later I thought the main flavour of this song is the folk which we have used need a male voice to add that colour in the song. So the first name came in my mind for male voice was Dev only as he is the best on dance tracks.

– When we talk about the lyrics you have earlier worked with Kunaal Vermaa for the song ‘Tum Hi Aana’ which is a slow and heartbreak. While this song ‘LOl’ is completely different. How did you guys always manage to make different version?

Kunaal Vermaa is a family to me also he is an amazing lyricist, as he can write song of any genre. Sometimes the composition comes first or sometimes the lyricis come first. So it’s not much different obviously, but we work in sync. I try to make my song sound different from each other and Kunaaal perfectly compliments it be it slow or dance number. As we have a good tuning between each other that he understands my requirements to the song and in that way he pen down the song.

– If you get to choose between Independent singles or Bollywood songs what would you choose and why?

See in my view song is a song and it should sound good, even if it is Independent song or movie song. The song should be good with a beautiful melody. Because I believe if the song is wonderful then it’s not necessary that it has to be the movie song, it can also be the Independent music even then it goes hit. See ‘Genda Phool’ is a bit hit even after being a single and ‘Tum Hi Aana’ is also a Chartbuster inspite of being a movie song. So song has to be good, as its hit or flop is completely depend upon its calibre and artist should be working on new music constantly without labelling it.

– After this huge success what are you planning next? 

Yes I have composed 2 more songs in this film one is ‘Fir Chala’ with singer Jubin Nautiyal and other is recreational song ‘Sawan’ which is a collaboration with Neha Kakkar, Badshah and Mika Singh. There are few singles in the pipeline too , will reveal when they get announced.

– A message you will like to give your fans on staying safe and positive during these trying times.

Stay safe and Happy

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