Posted on January 3, 2011 at 10:17 pm


Celina Marries in Secret!

Celina Jaitley is said to have tied the knot secretly with her boyfriend in Dubai, hotelier Peter Daag. And this isn’t even new news! Apparently, the couple took the plunge six weeks ago afterwhich Celina is said to have virtually disappeared from her house in Mumbai.  A close friend to Celina went on to claim that she wouldn’t be surprised if Celina had indeed gone ahead and married Peter. “I will not be surprised if she has settled down with Peter in Dubai. If they solemnised their relationship, it must have happened there. Celina is hardly seen in Mumbai these days,” she said to the Times of India. “Like most girls with an army background, Celina loves men who are prim and diplomatic. Also, she loves Dubai. Since the past three years, she has made a lot of money by doing shows in Dubai,” added another friend.

The couple met in Dubai during a show at which Celina was performing at. Dubai is said to be the actresses new favorite city after she is a popular showstopper at various concerts and so on. In more recent times, she is said to have made a lot of money from her shows in the city of Dubai. In the coming months, the actress will be seen in Run Bhola Run and Thank You.

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