Posted on October 21, 2010 at 5:07 am


Priyanka and Lara: Cold Vibes!

The last time Priyanka Chopra and Lara Dutta were seen together was back in 2004 when they both debuted in their first films together Andaaz. While PC walked away more accolades than Lara, courtesy of their respective roles, the duo decided silently, that they would not star in any further films together. That is until now. Six years later, the ladies will be seen on screen together in Farhan Akhtar’s Don 2. And needless to say, the drama has just began.

Shooting has just began in the cold city of Berlin and sources claim that when the ex-beauty queens met, hell froze over. It was that cold. Lara was apparently extremely reluctant to sign Don 2 but has been assured by director Farhan Akhtar that her role had depth and meat did she decide to take it on. Sources from the Don 2 camp claim that the amount of pettiness that now occurs on the sets between the ladies is unheard of. From the better hotel room to the better scenes and wardrobe, the ladies have argued about it all.

And PC is feeling the pinch even more since Lara managed to get on the sets a tad bit before Chopra and thus, has created a comfortable bond with the crew. In fact, lead hero in the film, Shah Rukh Khan is said to be biased towards Lara after she was the only actress in the industry who agreed to be a part of his home production Billu. Priyannka’s friends claim that this was not the ideal situation for her to walk into because she has just finished a strenuous dubbing session of an upcoming film as well as a photo shoot. In addition, she is fighting demons in the industry who are apparently collectively out bad-mouthing her performance in Anjaana Anjaani.

Don 2 releases in 2011 but you can be sure that their will more drama from the ladies in coming days!