Posted on October 23, 2023 at 3:24 pm

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Rowoon’s styling, which completely transformed into a lawyer in ‘This Love is Force Majeure ‘ is a hot topic!

Rowoon played the role of lawyer Jang Shin-yu in the JTBC Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘ This Love is Force Majeure ’ . Jang Shin-yu is an absolutely perfect person with a straight and respectable appearance and even diamond specifications . Rowoon spared no effort in the visual aspect to express this character .


Rowoon’s neat and dandy lawyer look in the work doubles the fun of watching the play . In particular, Rowoon often matches dark-toned suits with long coats to add seriousness and trust , while also adding sophistication with a not-too-excessive three-piece suit . On the other hand, outside of work, she showed off her unique charm with casual styling such as knits and jackets . The biggest reason why this styling attracted attention is because of Rowoon’s tall physique and his willingness to lose weight . In line with the setting of a person under a curse, Rowoon created a slim and sharp image and blended perfectly into the character .

[ Photo = SLL · C-JeS Studio ]
[ Photo = SLL · C-JeS Studio ]
In addition, Rowoon presents a definite ‘ on and off charm ‘ during and after work by styling his bangs up and down . While at work, he showed off the charisma of a lawyer with his neatly pulled hair and the details of his forehead and eyebrows , after work he showed off his cozy charm with his hair covered . Viewers are reacting enthusiastically to Rowoon’s colorful styling changes .


Meanwhile, JTBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘ This Love Is Force Majeure ‘ , in which Rowoon appears , airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 pm .

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