Posted on October 23, 2023 at 2:52 pm

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Rookie Seoyeon Kim to appear in action fantasy drama ‘ Phantom School ’

‘ Phantom School ’ is a fantasy action exorcism genre that tells the story of phantoms who try to throw the human world into chaos by manipulating students consumed by their desires, and hunters who try to destroy such phantoms and protect world peace .

Kim Seo-yeon plays Sung So-jin in ‘ Phantom School ’ Seong So-jin is a close friend of Kang Yu-na ( played by Lim So-eun ) and the brain who ranks first in the school . She is quick-witted and smart . He has a cool-headed personality and is excellent at handling crises, making him the spiritual leader of the Phantom Hunter team .

Kim Seo-yeon also played the character of the best student in the whole school in Disney + ‘s original series ‘ Race ‘ , which ended in June . It raises curiosity about how Seong So-jin, a member of ‘ Phantom School ‘ who was ranked first in the same school but has a different personality , way of speaking , and atmosphere, would be expressed . Also, interest is focused on the other side that Kim Seo-yeon will express within the unique genre of exorcism .

[ Photo = FNC Entertainment , B-Play ]
[ Photo = FNC Entertainment , B-Play ]

After debuting with tvN’s ‘ Arthdal ​​Chronicles ‘ , Kim Seo-yeon played leading roles in a number of web dramas, including ‘ Into You Again ‘, ‘ Romance , Talking ‘, and ‘ Jinx ‘ . In each work, he was evaluated as having blended well into the play with his stable acting skills .

Meanwhile, ‘ Phantom School ‘ starring Kim Seo-yeon can be seen every Tuesday and Thursday on the online video service (OTT) Watcha starting October 3 , and can also be viewed on YouTube Beplay .

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