Posted on October 23, 2023 at 3:51 pm

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Rookie Ki Hyun-woo , cast in drama ‘ Andante of Love ‘ becomes bodyguard

‘Andante of Love ‘ , in which Ki Hyun-woo stars, is a romantic comedy drama that tells the story of South and North Koreans living together in a virtual peace village for a year and becoming absorbed in each other .

In ‘ Andante of Love ‘ , Ki Hyun-woo plays Nam Kyung-ho, an electronics engineering major and bodyguard to Ha Na-kyung ( played by Song Ji-woo ) . Nam Kyung-ho, who completed his college studies thanks to Hana-kyung’s father, is a person who spent his time studying abroad working as Hana-kyung’s bodyguard , and as an electronic engineering major, he is an all-round character who can’t fix anything and there’s no electronic machine he can’t fix . Also, although he looks muscular and blunt, he actually has a personality that likes to chat .

[ Photo =FNC Entertainment ]
[ Photo =FNC Entertainment ]

Ki Hyun-woo plans to portray Nam Kyung-ho, an engineering student with a surprising charm, with delicate acting skills in addition to his natural charm . Ki Hyun-woo said ,


“ When I first read the script , I felt that Nam Kyung-ho had many similarities to me in that his appearance and personality were opposites . “I was very greedy because it was a three-dimensional character with various charms, but after several auditions, I was thankfully given the opportunity, ” he said, expressing how desperate he was to take on the role . He then expressed his ambition, saying, “ I will prepare well and do my best to portray Nam Kyung-ho as an attractive character . ”

Ki Hyun-woo previously played the role of Choi Jun, the flirtatious genius head of the BL web drama ‘ Jun and Jun ‘ , and received favorable reviews from viewers for his thorough portrayal of a perfect character with both appearance and ability . Accordingly, attention is focused on the new character Ki Hyun-woo will show .

‘ Andante of Love ‘ , starring Ki Hyun-woo, is scheduled to be released on SBS Fil (UHD) and Tivng in the second half of this year .

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