Posted on January 19, 2023 at 7:36 pm

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Mallika-Mallika: Samantha Prabhu Releases ‘Shaakuntalam’

Mallika-Mallika: Samantha Prabhu Releases ‘Shaakuntalam’

Mallika-Mallika: Samantha Prabhu Releases ‘Shaakuntalam’

Mallika-Mallika: Samantha Prabhu starrer ‘Shaakuntalam’ releases its first track!

The much-awaited Samathan Prabhu and Dev Mohan starrer film Shaakuntalam, written and directed by Gunasekhar, is finally set to hit the theatres on 17th February. It is based on the famous play “Abhijnana Shaakuntalam” by Kalidasa, whose epic love story can be seen in Mahabharata.

Tips Music with Gunaa Teamworks releases the first song from the historical drama. The song titled – ‘Mallika-Mallika’ is released in 5 languages – Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada on Tips’ Official YouTube Channel and its various Regional Channels.

Mani Sharma, the revered music composer talking about ‘Mallika-Mallika’ said,

“The whole thought behind Mallika-Mallika was to create a melody that depicts emotions of longing and waiting for a beloved. We’ve used authentic Indian instruments like the santoor in major portions of the song with percussion. A majority of classical instruments were used throughout the song to recreate that era. Ramya Behara has done a beautiful job of translating the emotions of Shakuntala through her voice into the song. And Prashant Ingole has created a deeper impact with the words of Mallika-Mallika.”

Picturized on Shaakuntalam, Mani Sharma’s music beautifully translates the feeling of anticipation, love, and hopefulness she has towards her beloved returning. The video paints an exquisite picture of how she patiently waits for him through the seasons, dressed every day as if he might return any moment.

Talking about the song Samantha Prabhu said,

“Shaakuntalam traces the journey of Shakuntala. This mythology is a great epic love story within the Mahabharata. Mallika-Mallika is a song that beautifully narrates the emotions of waiting and yearning for her beloved. The intricacies in the lyrics wherein season changes are depicted are brilliant. Mani Sharma Sir has created such a beautiful melody that makes you want to listen to it for hours on a loop!”

Kumar Taurani, MD & Chairman Tips Industries Limited,

“Our mythologies have always had great stories and even greater love stories. Shakuntala is one such love story part of Mahabharata that everyone knows. Mani Sharma has created an exquisite melody for Mallika-Mallika, and for all the other songs from the film as well. This being our first Telugu film with Samantha and Dil Raju we’re elated to be a part of Gunasekhar’s Shaakuntalam”

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