Posted on July 21, 2022 at 9:55 am

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Shivankar Arora on his latest short film ‘Right Age To Marry’

Director and producer Shivankar Arora’s latest short film deals with yet another social issue, that is marriage and everything associated with it. Titled ‘Right Age To Marry’, the film is streaming on their YouTube channel Channel Content ka Keeda.


Photo Courtesy by Shivankar Arora PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Shivankar Arora PR Team


“What is the right age to marry is one of the biggest questions in Indian families. While some believe you need to settle down first and then get married, there are others who believe getting married first will help one settle down. We have dealt with this important subject in a funny and entertaining way. This film showcases a girl swayed away by the glam and glitter of the wedding day without taking into consideration the effort required for a marriage to succeed in today’s times,” he says


Sharing the reason behind having actors Maninee De and Saloni Daini on board for the film, he adds,
“The film is dealt in a comic way and since Maninee and Saloni both have a good grasp over comedy, they were the apt for the film. They are very good actors too.”

So what’s the USP of this short film?

“We have a lot of films where girls are pressured to get married but this film reverses the role as in this girl is pressuring her mother for marriage. You need to watch it to find out what happens next,” he ends.
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