Posted on June 4, 2022 at 1:14 am

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Sudha Chandran: Important to think about health issues we usually ignore

Many times we don’t focus on something that is bothering us, mentally or physically, and just focus on the task at hand.  Actress Sudha Chandran says that we need to focus on changing this habit.


Photo Courtesy by Sudha Chandran PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Sudha Chandran PR Team


“It’s very important, especially after the pandemic. We actually have to sit and think about our health issues that we generally tend to ignore. We are so busy with our work style and lifestyle that, at the end of the day, we tend to ignore it and push it aside, thinking that it is very insignificant. But somehow, we have to realize the fact that we really have to take care of our health. It’s an old saying that health is wealth. It’s very important to be aware of what is happening with our health, how to stop it at the primitive stage so that things don’t exceed or go to another level and that awareness has to be spread,” she says.

Health is not only limited to physical well-being but mental and emotional too,” says Sudha, adding, “A physical illness that can be fought or treated with lots of medicine and doctor’s advice but if you are mentally blocked or emotionally trained then that is going to have a very adverse effect on your health. So, it’s always said that think positive, be happy. There are a lot of troubles and challenges in our lives but let’s see the positive aspect of it. Let’s try to change these negative aspects into more positive aspects as see how we can handle these problems. Mental and emotional stability and well-being is very important and to cultivate this, it all depends on our strength and our determination, our mindset. It’s important to rehabilitate your brain and your emotions. Jo hona hai vo hota hai but jo ho rha hai vo dekna hai ki hum usse kaise sudhar sakte hai,” she says.

Health often takes a backseat due to a hectic life, but this should change, says Sudha. She adds, “Due to our hectic work schedule and back-to-back appointments and travel, it’s very important to maintain that balance between good health and good work. I make sure that I take stress to a minimum. There is a lot of tension with the clash of dates and episode telecasts but somewhere we need to maintain a balance. If we start blaming ourselves for everything, then our life will go for a toss. If you enjoy your work, be part of it, but don’t ignore everything else, especially your health. I really don’t want that because of my ill health, my family suffers. My happiness is their happiness.”


The actress adds that some changes are the need of the hour. “It’s very important that you cut short your budget on things that really don’t mean much to you in your life. If you want to have a beautiful lifestyle, it’s very important that you workout, sleep well and adopt good habits,” she says.

Talking about how she keeps fit, she says, “I have tried my hands on gymming and I am also trying to cut down my diet. At times, it becomes so hectic while shooting round the clock. You really don’t have time to gym much and your diet also goes for a toss. I keep traveling a lot and I am not able maintain consistency in your eating habits. I have developed thyroid in the recent past because of which there is a lot of bloating. I am on medication and taking good care of myself.”


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