Posted on June 4, 2022 at 4:30 pm

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Addite Malik: ‘Ekbir sensed that his baba was going to be away for a while’

Mohit Malik

Actor Mohit Malik flew off to Cape Town, South Africa, in the wee hours of June 1, to shoot for ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 12’. Yes, the actor will finally be ticking off the adventure reality show box on his wish list of projects. And in the sweetest gesture, Addite Malik and Mohit’s son, the adorable Ekbir came to drop off the actor at the airport. The family of 3 were spotted together, with Baby Ekbir clinging adorably to Mohit, not wanting his Baba to go. As adoring as the moment was, Addite and Ekbir had to bid Mohit good bye.

Addite, talking about how hard it was for Mohit and Ekbir to bid good bye to one another, said, “It was very strange that Ekbir has been awake since last 1 week past his bed time..I think he sensed the fact that his Baba was going to go away. Ekbir usually sleeps by 9:30 pm. But since the past 5-6 days, he’s been getting up at night when Mohit comes home. He has been shooting round the clock and is coming home really late. But my little guy wakes up exactly at 11-11:30 pm when his Baba gets home, on his own.”

Addite Malik continued, “Same thing happened yesterday. He had dozed off but then he got up and then he was not wanting to leave Mohit. So we had to take him to the airport. For the past one week it seems like Ekbir had sensed that his Baba was going to be away for a while. Yesterday he was low and was feeling it I guess. It is said that babies understand more than us about such things.”

Mohit has a busy year lined up for him. He began 2022 with a bang by signing his digital debut ‘Cyber Vaar’. He has wrapped up shoot for the same and will soon be filming KKK12, post which he has interesting things in the pipeline.

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