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Why You May Need a DUI Lawyer in Coatesville

It is in everyone’s best interest that road users conduct themselves the right way when using the road. This applies to everyone that uses our roads but drivers have a lot more responsibility.

While they are behind the wheel they must act accordingly to avoid mishaps from happening and this includes not driving while under the influence of alcohol. This is crucial as lives are lost daily because of road accidents caused by drivers.

The region of Coatesville and all of Pennsylvania understands the need to protect road users too well. This is why there are laws binding on everyone including drivers in this regard.

In other words, some law enforcement agents function to ensure these DUI laws are adhered to. If you would like to know some of these laws binding on all drivers in this region, you can visit:

Some situations arise and cause drivers to be found wanting as they violate these laws. When this happens and the drivers are apprehended, things can get out of hand if the services of a good DUI lawyer are not engaged.

This is why it is expedient that such apprehended drivers hire a good DUI lawyer. This is even though they can represent themselves legally. To help you understand the importance of these drivers reaching out to a good DUI lawyer, some reasons for this will be discussed here.


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The Importance of Hiring a DUI Lawyer when Apprehended for a DUI Charge

These are times when many people do all that they can to cut costs. This is why some defaulting drivers choose to represent themselves rather than pay for the services of a DUI attorney.

Well, this is not an option that should be considered because of the several things that can go wrong. Against this backdrop, we have listed and explained below the importance of DUI lawyers for such times:

Help in Interpreting the Legal Situation

Drivers that have been apprehended need to understand the severity of the situation to find headway. Unfortunately, many people that choose to handle things all on their own do not even know how severe or minor the situation is. This is why they can be caught off guard with these charges.

Well, these specialized legal professionals are not only in the business of representing but interpreting the legal situation. This simply means that they realistically explain the state of things.

As things are in Pennsylvania and many other parts of the country at large, the severity of the situation is in grades. DUI charges are divided into tiers and there are three of them. From the most severe to the least severe, there is the – highest rate, high rate, and general impairment.

Some people might think that these tiers have to do with the number of times a driver has been apprehended but this is not how it works. This is considering how even first-time offenders can have to deal with the highest rate tier.

On the contrary, multiple time offenders can even have to deal with the general impairment. For more on this subject, you can check here.

So, you would seriously need the services of a qualified DUI lawyer to explain what you are faced with legally speaking. So, you should not take a pass on hiring a capable attorney for this reason.

Professional Connections Can Come in Handy

It is most likely that any capable and experienced DUI lawyer has connections that can help your case. The connections can be within the law enforcement agency that apprehended you or the judiciary.

Because of this, it is a possibility that charges are reduced or even taken off the books entirely. For example, hiring a competent legal practitioner sometimes means that you do not need to see the 4 walls of a courtroom.

Seeing how things can get out of hand when faced with the prosecutors, this is a good reason to consider DUI lawyers if/when the need arises.

To Prevent You from Saying the Wrong Things

Even the worst criminal has the legal right to be represented by an attorney. Well, you are not any close to being the worst criminal even if guilty of a DUI charge(s). So, you should take full advantage of what a DUI lawyer can offer at such times.

For one, you should insist on having your attorney present before you begin to make remarks. This is because the prosecutors and even law enforcement agents can make you say things that would only complicate your case.

Bearing this in mind, do not make light of the need to work with a DUI lawyer during such times. Frankly speaking, it is in your best interest.

The Judicial System Will Not Give You a Head Start for Self-Representation

Perhaps you have watched those movies where a legal novice takes on a legal professional in the court of law and wins. Well, this is rarely how it works in the real world.

Although self-representation is allowed, there are many odds facing those that take this route. For the record, the judicial system is not going to favor such people.

It is even possible that the prosecutor(s) take undue advantage of this. The presiding judge can even show impatience which could make things further complicated for the defendant.

Identifying Lapses In Your Favor

Even if you are guilty in the real sense, there is a way the enforcement agents are supposed to go about apprehending you. If they did not play by the books, it is possible to have the charges dropped or reduced to the barest minimum.

This means that the legal burden will be so lightened that you might walk away unscathed. Well, speaking with your lawyer and going over what happened will help a lot in this regard. So, you should seriously consider hiring a capable Coatesville DUI lawyer when you are faced with a DUI charge in Coatesville.


There is so much that a capable attorney with a specialty in this aspect of the law can do in your best interest. On this note, you should rule out self-representation seeing all that you stand to gain if you hire a DUI lawyer when the need arises.

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