Posted on June 29, 2022 at 11:32 am

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Stebin Ben Just Dropped His Latest Song ‘Rabba Khaireya’!

Stebin Ben

Stebin Ben, the famous Bollywood singer, has risen as one of the most dynamic singers over the past few years. Famed for his many songs and covers like ‘Thoda Thoda Pyaar’ and ‘Pyaar Karte Ho Na’, the singer’s stardom is clearly uphill from here. He never fails to impress with his talent and has just released his much awaited song ‘Rabba Khaireya’ with co-singer Samira Koppikar.

The just released song ‘Rabba Khaireya’ sung by the two stars is directed by Dhruwal Patel and Jigar Mulani. The music composer is Samira Koppikar and lyricist is Yash Eshwari. While we never had any doubt about the song, it has clearly left us awe right after its release. The romantic song has us in our feels and we can’t stop grooving to it endlessly.

The rising star Stebin Ben has left no stone unturned while singing this hit and we are already seeing it go viral by the seconds. The singer’s voice and flair leaves each and every one starstruck. We simply can’t get enough of his expertise in singing as he continues serving hit songs one after the other; we’re totally here for it.


Stebin Ben is our current obsession and we can’t get over him and his songs. They make the top of the list every time one is released. The singer won’t stop dazzling us with his charm and we aren’t complaining!

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