Posted on June 29, 2022 at 12:25 pm

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Desi & LGBTQ+? Stream Anya Gupta’s Cards Wrong!

Anya Gupta has been a predominant figure in the Desi LGBTQ+ community. Her music speaks to the soul when it comes to navigating the happiness that comes with being in a Queer relationship and the flip side when heartbreak comes along. After releasing a couple of songs and an album on Spotify, Anya has returned to the music scene with her new song, Cards Wrong, which will be released on 6/30 globally!

After her album, Anya wanted to stray away from songs representing all the sadness you feel after a breakup. After some time with herself, she started to regain her confidence and truly see everything for what it was rather than as a romanticized version in her head. “I think the energy in the song (indie rock/alternative/guitar-heavy) vibe represents the change in feelings and emotions I’ve felt! Almost like a new era”, Gupta says. The song is about seeing a relationship for what it is after breaking up with someone/thriving after removing someone from your life. Realizing you’ve outgrown that person and are better off by yourself. “I think the most challenging part of the song was being as blunt and honest as possible.”

anya gupta driving

Gupta relays that “she tried to be as authentic as possible in her music, but had trouble almost talking badly about the relationship/person or stating the facts for what it was.” “I think the idea of the song slowly started to build up over time as I began to do more things I enjoyed that I felt like I couldn’t do while in that relationship. For example, I was spending more time with my friends, rejoining the tennis team, writing music, and focusing on things I truly loved before and felt like I had no time for”. When I asked Anya if she had a favorite line in her upcoming song, the singer responded saying “Honestly, I don’t think I have a favorite line! Every line equally captures the feeling of just indeed regaining yourself back and becoming the best version of yourself without anything holding you back”.

anya gupta in the studio

Being an LGBTQ/Desi artist has been such a journey and an incredible experience – providing a safe space for people who don’t feel comfortable enough to be themselves at home has been a privilege. I hope to continue to provide that safe space and representation through my music. Having to go through the coming out process myself in a brown household, I’ve experienced the hardships of wanting to be your most authentic self and not having people you love supporting you. I understand how challenging it can be and how hard it is on your mental health and self-image. In some way, I hope to be that support for people who can’t receive that where they live, and I want to break the stigmatization of being a person of color in the LGBTQ+ community. Everyone deserves to feel loved and accepted, and I hope to provide some of that support.

Cards Wrong, Anya’s new song, will be available on 6/30! Go stream!



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