Posted on June 28, 2022 at 9:58 pm

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Singer Stebin Ben Feeling! Lucky Find out Why

Singer Stebin Ben Feeling! Lucky Find out Why?

Singer Stebin Ben Feeling! Lucky Find out Why?

I feel lucky to born in this beautiful country where Bollywood not just breathes music but celebrates it – Singer Stebin Ben

A vision and sheer talent brought Stebin Ben to the city where dream comes true. Making it to one of the biggest industries, Stebin Ben feels himself lucky to be born in India. Not only that he also praises his fans for not just breathing Bollywood music but celebrating it on a bigger level.

The journey of Stebin Ben went through a road filled with a lot of difficulties. Stebin hails from the city of lakes, Bhopal. Being a normal ordinary boy with a dream, he made it to the biggest industry.

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The golden era of Stebin Ben begins but he keeps himself equally grounded. He thanks his fans and supporter in an exclusive conversation with a publication where he says, “I come from a small city Bhopal. From being a part of the school choir to the college band I always wanted to be part of Bollywood. Although my family was always there for me initially they were scared when I put across the thought of me taking up music as a career, since in Bhopal it did not seem to have much scope.

Talking about Bollywood music he further added, “The number of views Bollywood songs have, might be the same as the number of the population any country across the globe might have. Such is the craze. Recently my song Baarish Ban Jana crossed 500 million views. Since then I feel in India there are a lot of music lovers. Some might be listening to songs while driving, while going to the gym, at parties, or in any of their favorite activities. Music plays a huge role, Indian Music is traveling around the world and I feel very lucky to be part of it.

On the professional front Stebin Ben has been giving back-to-back hits. His latest song ‘Tutt Gaya’ featuring Shantanu Maheshwari, and Ashnoor Kaur broke many records. Not only that he gave his magical voice to Mahesh Bhatt film’s title track ‘Juda hoke Bhi.’

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