Posted on January 4, 2022 at 9:28 am

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Pranitaa Pandit’s NGO Prasara

Never believed in publicizing charity, but time has changed. If our good work can inspire others to do good then why not?


Pranitaa Pandit has always been doing her bit for society. The actor, along with Rachna Puri, entrepreneur and managing director of Vectormob, and IRS Sahil Seth, Honorary Advisor to the steering committee for BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) and Honorary President to the Delphic Council of Maharashtra, started Prasara. It’s a non-profit organization, started two months ago that has been working toward the welfare of abandoned children and senior citizens.

Pranitaa Pandit's NGO Prasara

While the actor did not believe in talking about her humanitarian work, she now feels the need to do so.


“There was a time when I felt that one should not publicize the charity but now I have evolved a bit, and know that the generations, and outlook have changed. Our parents taught us that Ek haath daan de toh doosre haath ko pata nahi chalna chahiye. That was the era where life was very different. Women used to be in their own house and there was decorum and a different kind of system. But now at this stage, things have changed, the reason why I feel it is the right time to speak about Prasara, something that is really close to our heart,” says the actor, known for TV shows like Jamai Raja, Kawach, Kasam and Uttaran.

Prasara provides financial, food, education, clothing, and medical help.

There is much space for leisure activities, gardening, games, grooming, and other resources required for children and senior citizens to make them feel at home. They also engage them in community development and self-sufficiency. The NGO works on donations and is trying its best to reach out to as many people as possible.

“Today, people are literally taking off their clothes for PR, doing things for PR. If you are doing something good then why not motivate others as well. There is no need to hide good things and project things on social media for attraction and views. Through Prasara we are trying to help as many as possible. We are dedicated to our aim and try our best,” she adds.

The actor also reacts to those who criticize those talking about their humanitarian work.


“My point is what is wrong in that. When you are showing off things that are of no use then why not show off some good deeds, the latter will provide more motivation to people to do good work. There is judgment involved if we do such things. When you can smoke, drink, show your personal and social lives in a public space then why be judged for doing something good and telling other people to do something good as well,” Pranitaa ends.




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