Posted on January 4, 2022 at 9:40 am

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Himansh Kohli On His Career

My career goal is to do a variety of work that imparts versatility to my portfolio


Himansh Kohli On His Career

The entertainment industry has been through enough during the pandemic, but things have slowly started to look up.


Actor Himansh Kohli is thankful and hopes that “things remain fine and the new variant, Omicron, doesn’t take the shape of another wave that sweeps us back into the confines” of our homes.

“I can’t deal with another year of sitting at home. I would like to urge everyone to stay mindful, follow precautions, and mask up,” says Himansh. He will be seen next in Boondi Raita.


The Pros vs Cons

Talking about the pros and cons of being a part of the entertainment industry, he adds, “The pros are that you are recognized much more than any other profession, so it’s easier to make connections. The con is that it’s a bad world and I sometimes feel I’m too naive to deal with the dark side of things. I have learned to remain calm and be all about positive energies, but it’s a fact that people love drama and you don’t necessarily make the news being the person I am. But, honestly I never pay heed to whether I’m being covered by all publications or what are the intricacies of everything that’s written for me and other little details that people do for modeling their perception. I have never tried or will ever try to be someone else publically and have been super vocal about my values, beliefs, etc.”

As an actor, the best part about the journey is that it is heading in the direction I wanted to.

“There have been a few hiccups in the past few but thanks to everyone, my family, my peers, my team who has been constantly working towards my success and I’m hoping for many great things in the coming years. My career goal is to do a variety of work that imparts versatility to my portfolio,” says the Yaariyan actor.

Projects that made a difference

Ask about the projects that made a difference in his career and he replies, “I think all of the projects that I’ve been a part of have made a considerable amount of difference in my life. Each of them has been special in its own way whether it was Channel V’s TRP-buster show, Humse Hai Life to my first film Yaariyan to the other films I did later on to the amazing music videos I have been a part of. I must say the music videos kept me alive, helped me stay relevant, and reiterated my presence amongst the audience. I am 100% satisfied with what I am doing and have no regrets.”

Giving his message to his fans and goodbye note to 2021, he adds

“To my fans, I need even more support in the coming years so please be with me and keep the love coming. You guys have been everything to me. As far as the goodbye note is concerned, please forget the bad, leave it behind, and remember it as a lesson to never be careless about your well-being and look forward to an amazing 2022, go fulfill all your dreams and desires.”

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