Posted on November 9, 2018 at 5:13 pm

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Harrdy Sandhu – “Kya Baat Ay” is a TikTok hit with 100K covers!

TikTok with 100k Covers of Harrdy Sandhu’s “Kya Baat Ay”

Harrdy Sandhu Kya Baat Ay


Well known Indian Singer, Harrdy Sandhu released Ky Baat Ay in September this year. The song has been nothing less than a sure hit! Reaching 85 million views on Youtube, it is clear that surely is a fan favourite. With the love of the Youtube world, and also 2.2 million fans on instagram, the song reached new heights! From clubs, house parties to even Sangeets, “Kya Baat Ay” is a must for everyone to dance to!

It became an instant hit on the musical app called TikTok! The song has been covered around 100k times on the app! TikTok is a short-video app. It allows people to mostly do covers, short vine clips and more! The song is the biggest TikTok hit of the season! With 100K covers on the platform, the song has got the nation grooving nonstop!

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Video Director, Arvindr Khaira is known for creating magic with his camera! Hence, Harrdy with his moves makes you want to watch the video repeatedly , which is close to 100 million views already!

Harrdy shared his thoughts on this amazing achievement by saying;

” Kya Baat Ay to all my fans on TikTok. I love the fact that each one of you have your own favourite part from the song. I have also seen a young girl dancing with her grandmother on the song and it is amazing! Thank you for all the love, jaffian!”

It is safe to say that apart from being a complete hunk, Harrdy knows how to give us a season banger that keeps people going! I mean 100k covers, that song is a head banger that would never leave! He is no stranger to girls swooning, I guess the swoon will just keep growing with the killer hits!

Have you done a cover yet? Tweet us your favourite “Kya Baat Ay” TikTok cover!

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