Posted on January 2, 2018 at 9:53 am

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UA Exclusive| Mahesh Dattani: Thrillers Have Their Own Charm

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Mahesh Dattani, the director of AGP World’s thriller play, Double Deal Reloaded starring Manjari Fadnnis and Bharat Dabholkar speaks with UrbanAsian about AGP World and his play Double Deal Reloaded.

Mahesh Dattani
Mahesh Dattani
  1. What is your insight on AGP World?

I think AGP World and Ashvin (Gidvani) are the only professional producers that we have in our country. The rest of the theatre producers are actually directors who look to producing because they don’t have other choice and are forced to become producers whereas AGP world is a professional production house in theatres.


  1. What is your take on Spotlight?

I think festivals are a great way of bringing interests. And each and every play that has been showcased in this festival are a great hit and there is this new one Double Deal Reloaded. It is a way for people to see the work of AGP World.

  1. Can you give us some insight about Double Deal Reloaded?

It is thriller. And it been quite a while since we have seen a thriller on stage. Thriller is a genre that is very popular in England and even today thrillers are very interesting and exciting. Thrillers have their own charm. In Double Deal Reloaded there is thriller, there is drama as well and then there are strong emotions in it.

  1. How was it working with Manjari Fadnnis?

Manjari is extremely talented that is why she is in the play. I find her very hardworking. She is new to all this. She has done theater workshops but that is completely different. For a lot of film actors it is difficult to switch to theatres. I am sure she has her space in theater the way she has in films.

  1. Do you think that working in cinema is different than working in theaters?

Absolutely. Especially for actors. Lot of great theatre actors don’t like to work in cinemas. It is very rare for a film actor to work on stage.

  1. Do you think actors are actually joining theatres to get into cinema?

Yes! In Bombay it is so. There are actors who are interested in theatres abut look for cinema as a way of earning. Because frankly speaking you cannot earn much doing theatres. Some see it as a stepping stone too.

  1. What is next?

I am currently busy writing something and also directing another play.

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