Posted on January 2, 2018 at 10:12 am

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UA Exclusive| Ashvin Gidvani: I Don’t Wanna Do Movies In A Cinema, I Wanna Do Digital

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AGP World is synonymous with world-class theatre, high-end designer experiences, talent management and curated art events with a network across 17 cities in India, and 12 countries globally.


UrbanAsian got a chance to interview the brainchild of AGP World – Ashvin D. Gidwani – Founder & MD, and this is what he had to say.

Ashvin Gidvani
Ashvin Gidvani


  1. What/Who was your inspiration behind AGP World?


I was trained by Ronnie Screwvala and two more from theatre. And many years back Ronnie had started a company, his own production house.  I had managed about 5-6 theatre productions through him and in other company I did about 3000 events which I created and worked upon. From Indian classical to music, fusion. I have done small to large scales symphonies. And then later I decided to get off and do theater on my own. It was a tough journey and I lost lot of money too. Before, India was not given much respect in terms of theatre.


  1. How is performing in India different than performing abroad?


When you go abroad there are two types of audiences- NRI audiences and local audience. I have done almost 80 shows in the UK, it was superb and the audiences loved it. It is all about how you keep the excitement.


  1. Why only plays and not movies?


I don’t wanna do movies in a cinema, I wanna do digital. Now is the age of digital.  Whoever is doing movies is gone. There are only few actors who can sustain a film. Like Aamir Khan. I don’t know anyone else who is consistent. I think cinema is going through its own metamorphism.


  1. Whose idea was behind Spotlight?


Our executive producer and myself, put this idea together and decided with the team to go ahead. This is our first year so we decided to showcase only our plays but next year we might go international. There are going to be international shows next year. But this all will take time.


  1. Which is your favorite?

I am not a very emotional person. I directed The Scent Of A Man, so that play is close to my heart. I never see my plays completely, except for The Scent Of A Man because I had directed it. As a producer I cannot get emotionally attached to any play.


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