Posted on September 14, 2017 at 2:00 pm

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Karan Oberoi: Age for me is an insignificant statistic

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Age is just a number for actor-singer Karan Oberoi, who turns a year older today. Karan, who was part of ‘A Band of Boys’, says that the plus point about his birthday is that he gets to connect with friends and family. He says,

“I don’t feel any different when my birthday arrives, it’s just another day. Another number added to the calendar of my year on the planet and that to be honest, signifies nothing…unless, I have created a legacy which makes the world a better place. Having said that, if it makes people reach out to you and express that you have some meaning and presence in their life, by wishing you well, then that’s the plus point of having a birthday! Age for me is an insignificant statistic that people use to box us and confine us in some way. So for me, it’s less than even a number.”

Ask him which has been his most memorable birthday so far, and he says,,

“Most of my birthdays in the last few years have been special, since the day I figured out a way to reach out to the less privileged ones of society and spend time with them. This reminds me of my own blessed existence and adds value to theirs. On my birthday, I also make time to meet my loved ones and revel in their affections.”

The opportunity to follow his passion is what he wishes for on his birthday. He says,

“My wishes are endless, just like the lines from the famous Robert Frost poem, “The woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep” I am a restless soul and have the energy and exuberance of an 8-year-old towards what I want to do in life! So, hopefully, I will be at it relentlessly and die with my boots on, doing what I love! Plus I want to make all my loved ones really happy.”

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