Posted on September 14, 2017 at 1:30 pm

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Here comes the series finale of ‘What the Folks’

The season finale of Dice Media’s ‘What the Folks’, releases later. Aptly titled “Home”, the final episode brings to an end the first season of the show, which has emerged as one of the most successful Indian web series of 2017.

The fourth episode saw Nikhil, the protagonist, stuck in the middle of a tiff between his in-laws and his wife, Anita. Later during the episode, Rohan, Nikhil’s boss, makes Nikhil an interesting offer to move to Mumbai. The episode ended on a major cliffhanger where the state of Prakash‘s health is unknown to the audience.

The fifth and final episode will see the family coming back together after Prakash comes back from the hospital. Nikhil finally breaks his silence, addresses the elephant in the room and confronts his in-laws about the mollycoddling that has bothered him since the day he arrived in Mumbai. In the meantime, Rohan urges Nikhil to take up the Mumbai job once again. Accepting this would mean that Nikhil would need to spend an extended period of time in Mumbai with his in-laws.

Will the Sharmas finally treat Nikhil more like their own son and less like a “damaad”? How will his equation with his in-laws impact Nikhil’s decision to accept the lucrative Mumbai opportunity? And will the Sharma household finally start to feel like home for Nikhil? Find out in the highly anticipated series finale of ‘What the Folks’.

Expressing gratitude for the love received for the web series so far, Mr. Ashwin Suresh, Founder, Pocket Aces said,

“We are overwhelmed by the comments and popularity garnered by ‘What The Folks’. The feedback garnered has truly inspired us to keep creating innovative, path-breaking content that will leave our audiences asking for more.’

Adding to this Mr. Anirudh Pandita, Founder, Pocket Aces said,

‘We believe that with this series, we have given audiences a fresh new take on the family dramedy genre. It is now one of the most successful series of 2017 by any metric and we are already getting audience requests to create a second season. In the meantime, we are pushing content format boundaries further with our new series ‘2by3’, which will release on Dice Media by the end of the month.’

Watch the finale episode here: