Posted on April 6, 2017 at 7:06 am

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Patrali Chattopadhay: Bold Doesn't Always Mean Intimacy

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What is the current track of Akku in the show? 

Akku’s son will go missing as he will be kidnapped. As she runs an NGO there are plenty number of enemies and rivals. It is too difficult for her to trace but all Queens will join together and successfully deal with the kidnapper. This track is one of the most shocker track with full of incredulity. This track will definitely leave viewers dumbstruck.


Do you feel Akku is going on the right track?

 Akku is active and full of aggression when it comes to working, but she is also easy going and sensitive when it comes to family and friends. She is impulsive at times and follows certain principles but deep down she is full of emotions. It’s her impulse that she decides to divorce her husband in front of the national TV but on the other hand, she goes weak on her knees and apologizes to bring her husband back.


Do you relate to the character?

This character is full of shades, all positive. I loved to play such dynamic characters. There are many similar traits of Akku and Patrali. Each day I grow with this character. Since I’m Bengali and Akku is also Bengali, people can relate them all together. People are appreciating the role.


What do you think of the bold concept of Queens Hain Hum?

Concept of our show is unique and bold. Bold doesn’t always mean intimacy; it is bold because the characters are gallant, fearless and expressive. They don’t fear to express their thought and they don’t hesitate to criticise each other as well.

Do you think the title is unique as well?

Yes the title is apt because Queens are not afraid of failure. We all fail sometime or the other. Queens make failure their stepping stone.


How is it working with Silver Ivory Productions and Jyoti Gupta?

I am extremely grateful and blessed that I got an opportunity to work with such an amazing and homely production house. Jyoti sir is one of the most humble, kindhearted people I ever came across. He is always just a call away whenever any of us is in trouble or needs help. Moreover, the team is very cordial. Our creative producers Bharvi ma’am and Kumar sir are very communicative and friendly. I consider myself lucky to be a part of this team and production house.

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