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Actor Vishwas Kini – ” I Chose a Profession that would not be Monotonous”

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Exclusive Interview: Vishwas Kini

Exclusive Interview: Vishwas Kini

Exclusive Interview: Vishwas Kini. Vishwas Kini has made quite a name for himself in the film industry. He has established his craft and grown over the years to be part of some amazing films in India Cinema. Vishwas had many admirers after his performance in Veere Di Wedding, as many loved the charm of his character.

We were all excited once we saw him grace our screens again in the new series SHE, on Netflix. Vishwas certainly knows how to have an on-screen presence and we wanted to know more about his work in the industry. Here is what Vishwas Kini shared with us.

Where did your journey with acting begin?
I was a performer at school. I spent more time in rehearsals and on stage than classrooms. But I never thought of taking it up as a profession. During graduation I realized that I wanted to take it more seriously. So I came to Bombay from Jalandhar and enrolled myself in a theatre workshop during which I was hired as an assistant by Shanoo Sharma (casting director). That was my first encounter with bollywood.
After spending a year in the casting department I got an idea of how the whole process works and audition rooms were not an uncomfortable space for me anymore. Within 2 years I signed my first film which was Punjab 1984.
What fueled your passion for acting and what motivated you to keep going?
I don’t get along well with monotony. So I decided to choose a profession that wasn’t monotonous. I was a musician in college but soon I realized acting was my calling.
The voice inside my heart always told me to be patient and keep striving. There was enormous support from my sister and my parents. So I think my family’s belief in me and my belief in myself is what kept me motivated until I signed my first film.
Vishwas Kini
You are known for your character on SHE, Jason Fernandez. How did you prepare for that role?
The prep started with my first meeting with Imtiaz sir. He liked what I had done in the audition but through discussions we teared through Jason’s character. Sir has a way of delving into deep psychological traits of people through normal conversation and these conversations were the building blocks for Jason.
Then there was the physicality and the profession. My workout regimen was mainly Cross-fit and I saw a lot of cop dramas. This is how Jason Fernandez was brought to life.
The show has really shed light on important social issues regarding harassment in India. Why do you think it’s important to create this awareness?
Because every change starts with awareness. And creating awareness is one of the most important motives of cinema. We use cinema to shed awareness on atrocities by transporting the audience right into the life of a person dealing with the issue so people know what it feels like. Awareness gives birth to empathy and empathy creates the atmosphere for corrective action.
What have you learned being on the show and in the industry in general?
Through all the workshops with Imtiaz sir and through the process of shooting I learned a lot about myself as a person and thus as an actor. Most of this is personal so I’ll reserve it for an autobiography but seriously this show came to me at a point in my life where I really wanted to tread a new path but I was scared and I came out with a new understanding of myself.
The film industry teaches you the value of team effort. Only on a film set have I ever seen so many different departments working tirelessly for 10-12 hour shifts striving to get everything right in each and every shot.
As an actor you feel empowered by this fact and it makes you want to perform better every time the camera rolls because you know how many people have worked hard to provide you this environment.
You were also in films such as Veere di Wedding, Raag Desh, McMafia and Luv Ka the End. How would you describe your growth over the years as an actor with all of this experience?
I don’t come from an acting school and neither am I a theatre(stage) prodigy. My school has been the directors I have worked with. And my journey through the years has been of a student. I have been super lucky to have worked with some of the best directors and honestly that’s all I wished for at the beginning of my career.
From Imtiaz sir, to Nagesh Kukunoor (city of dreams) to Shashanka in Veere, all of them taught me something new about myself and the craft and that is my biggest takeaway from each project.
Actor Vishwas Kini - " I Chose a Profession that wasn't Monotonous"
What future projects can we expect from you and Who would you love to work with in the future?
Two new series in 2020. I was supposed to finish shoot for one and start another by now but because of the virus the timelines have changed.
Zoya. Gully boy had a huge impact on me. I still remember when that sequence in the film edited on ‘A$AP Rocky’s Everyday’ ended, I shut my eyes and prayed for a chance to work with her. I think she is one of the best directors we have today who truly produces content which talks about problems and stigmas in our society and at the same time is very, very entertaining. And that’s the kind of work I see myself doing.
What tips or advice do you have for aspiring actors?
– Be prepared. Weather it is an audition, a meeting or a set,  always be well prepared. Draw your confidence from preparation.
– Have an alternate source of income until you start making decent money from acting. This will give you the power of choice.
– meet all casting directors. If they don’t know you they wont be able cast you.
– define failure for yourself. Or others will define it for you. And that would be a failure.
Vishwas Kini is no stranger to hard work and continuous growth. He is certainly talented in his craft and knows how to deliver in the industry. We cannot wait to watch season two of SHE and more of what Vishwas has to offer! Follow @vishwaskinii on social media.
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