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Ankur Rathee Graduates from Boy Toy to Boyfriend in the Second Season of Four More Shots Please!

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For the uninitiated, Ankur Rathee was first spotted as a hot stud in the first season of Four More Shots Please! engaged in a rip-roaring fling with one of the lead characters, Anjana Menon, essayed by Kirti Kulhari. The actor instantaneously garnered a fan following with women drooling over him. Soon after the series, Rathee surprised audiences with roles in serious mainstream Bollywood films. For example, The Tashkent Files a 2019 sleeper hit, to more recently Taapsee Pannu starrer, Thappad.

Ankur is now enjoying the amazing response to the second season of Four More Shots Please! where he continues his role as Arjun, Kirti Kulhari’s love interest.

Actor Ankur Rathee sits with Kirti Kulhari
Actor Ankur Rathee sits with Kirti Kulhari

But now, he’s not just a “fun time in Goa”, but graduates to being a serious boyfriend. Last season the couple’s physical chemistry turned up the heat. However, this time the emotional chemistry between the actors is equally overwhelming and their performance even leaves viewers in tears.

The series, dubbed as a desi Sex and the City, tracks the lives of four women. They are all from very different backgrounds and are finding friendship in the Maximum city. Ankur’s role and Kirti Kulhari’s plot line are completely intertwined.

Actor Ankur Rathee poses for a picture
Actor Ankur Rathee poses for a picture

Commenting on his role in the series, Ankur says, “Whereas before the series focused on exploring our physical attraction and infatuation, this season throws my relationship with Anjana smack down in the middle of real-life challenges, like our age difference for example. You’ve already seen my character, Arjun, as a fling, but now you’ll experience him as a boyfriend.”

On working with Kirti Kulhari, he added, “When you have a co-actor like Kirti, suddenly there becomes a lot more in the scene to play with as an actor. She gives a lot and if you’re prepared and present you can’t help but give back. The spontaneity of it all is magical.”

To the millions of girls out there who have secretly desired for Arjun, you must be wondering “Will their relationship will last?” Watch on Amazon Prime to find out.

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