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Love Beyond Borders: Two Countries, One City, Bound by Love

Two Hearts Brought Together in One City

Love Beyond Borders: When South Africa Meets India. South African citizen Virie‘s life changed when she moved to Dubai to start a new chapter. She found herself in a new city, new job and eventually a forever after! Her life came to a surprising turn when she met the love of her life Hemant from India. Soon enough, Dubai became the place where two hearts became one!

” I met Hemant at work a few months prior to moving to Dubai, I did not know anyone. I felt completely alone. One evening, I sat outside on the balcony at work. Feeling homesick, Hemant saw me and started speaking to me. I am usually hesitant when it comes to opening up to people but with Hemant it was certainly different. I found myself opening up to him and we have been inseparable ever since. “Virie

Virie knew that Hemant was different when they both let their guards down for each other. “We know each other in ways that others don’t” . Virie brought so much of joy into Hemant‘s life and his family welcomed their love with open arms. They knew that they were soulmates because they could not spend a day a part!

The Beginning of Forever

Once Hemant realized that Virie was the person he was meant to be with, he knew a proposal was needed. In true Desi style, Hemant and his family decided that Virie would certainly be the perfect fit! He proposed to her and of course the answer was YES! And, The Grand Wedding Commences!

The Grand Indian Wedding – From Miss to Mrs

Here comes the Bride, all dressed in Red and Gold! What is a grand Desi wedding without being in the Mother Land? Virie and Hemant decided that the best way to celebrate their love was to tie the knot in Mumbai, India!

They kept the ceremony lighthearted and surrounded by love! Both families joined from South Africa to Vasai! We spent half the time counting the hours towards the big day! The day where two hearts from two different countries would become one! A fairy tale like no other. The day we had all been waiting for, finally arrived!

The bride arrived looking breathtakingly beautiful, draped in Red and Gold. Virie batting her shimmer eyelids done by Make-Up Artist Tanya Dhillon. The talented Tanya Dhillon is known for her bridal work and brought out the Bollywood star in our desi bride!

Tanya Dhillon - Love Beyond Borders: Two Countries, One City, Bound by Love

Our beautiful bride had her hair perfectly pinned up for the wedding by Rekha Hariyani and curled for her reception. It was a sight worth seeing. The curls flowing and shaped around her face! We surely knew a hair flip was bound to happen when Hemant secured his Bride! Hemant ki Dulhany!

The wedding was beautiful! What an experience. The place was decorated with lights, garlands, beverages and brightly colored outfits! We enjoyed the heat knowing that we would be satisfied with the best watermelon juice yet! Watching the rituals being performed brought it all to life. Virie and Hemant could not stop smiling and we could see the love in Hemant‘s eyes as he could not stop staring at his bride.


Above all, the festivities were only beginning as we celebrate Virie and Hemant‘s forever after. The reception was underway! Virie and Hemant brought the sizzle in their western attire! Virie wore an elegant yet blissful evening gown whilst Hemant matched his bride in a tailored suit. The couple entered glowing and smiling!

A sight certainly worth seeing! “MY FRIEND IS MARRIED!” – It took a few minutes for me to realize that the girl that I once looked for on campus is now someone’s wife! It was an indescribable feeling and it was all captured by the amazing work of Unscripted Stories. If only we could relive that moment. We most certainly wish them a blissful marriage.

Love Beyond Borders: Two Countries, One City, Bound by Love


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