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Confab With Versatile Solo Canadian Vocalist Kirti Arneja

Confab With Versatile Solo Canadian Vocalist Kirti Arneja

Confab With Versatile Solo Canadian Vocalist Kirti Arneja. Kirti is a versatile solo vocalist whose singing styles capture and entertain audiences all over the world. She sings a variety of music genres like Rock, Pop, Sufi, Hindi, Bollywood and Punjabi Folk. Kirti has sung as a key background singer with a renowned Bollywood singer, Mika Singh and opened his concerts across India, Canada, USA, UAE, and Thailand for over two years.

Kirti’s singing career started when she traveled to India to pursue vocal training. Kirti also visited the renowned singer Mika Singh upon his request. He insisted she sing a Sufi (poetic) song for him and she did. Kirti’s soulful voice tugged at Mika Singh’s heartstrings; he was so impressed with her talent that he offered to record her song. Kirti was ecstatic to get this opportunity.

“Kirti has a beautiful voice. I’m looking forward to seeing her sing on stages everywhere,”

Mika Singh has said.

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Beautiful Voice Kirti. How long have you been singing for? Please tell us about yourself and your journey of your singing career.
– I have been singing and performing since the age of 8. My mother had discovered me singing at age 5, in the backseat of the car in my car seat. I was singing to an Adnan Sami song and from then on I had sung at all family parties. I started singing at many charity events until finally, that led up to my first concert at the Hard Rock casino. I went to India to pursue my singing career and was discovered by a renowned singer, Mika Singh, and sang as his backup singer for 2 years.

It is quite difficult to come out as an artist in a south Asian community. What was your experience?
– the South Asian community in Vancouver is very artsy and supportive, so to come out as an artist, it wasn’t difficult. As I got older, there were more artists introducing themselves, so the south Asian market became rich in culture. Today anybody wanting to go into this field would not find it as difficult because of the numerous opportunities, such as festivals, that the south Asian community offers.

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Tell us your experience about your recent collaboration with Mika Singh.
– My experience with Mika Singh was priceless. The learning curve of touring, 3-4 concerts, the late-night flights, the rehearsals, the studio recordings, video shoots, gave me a true insight into a rockstars life.

When did you found your passion for singing? And what was the reaction did you received from family and friends?
– Though I had been singing since I was a child, I found my true passion for singing when I had my first concert. During the rehearsals, I felt in charge of a stage and finally felt I could sing to my heart’s content, and that feeling created a passion in me that I never thought I had. My Family and friends have always been very supportive, but when I had got on that stage, the one response I had received from everyone, was that I belong up there.

Did you take any formal training?
– Yes, I have had a little formal vocal training of Hindi classical music. Though it wasn’t regular, I have a good foundation.

Tell us about your regular day…
– In music, there is no such thing a regular day, I do my riaz sometimes first thing in the morning, or sometimes it’s the last thing I do before I go to bed. I like to sing and challenge voice to new levels. I spend a lot of time listening to all genres of music. I also work in the marketing department from 8-5 every day at Nanak Foods, a company co-owned by my parents.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?
– I see myself making a living by singing with my passion for music or anything to do with the music industry.

Let’s add a little bit of fun. Tell us what five apps you would be using if I have to see your phone?
– The five most commonly used apps on my phone, are Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp.

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What track have you been listening recently?
– I am absolutely obsessed with the Kalank soundtrack.

If you were not a singer?

– if I wasn’t a singer, I would be a primary school teacher.

Tell us about your upcoming projects…
– I am in the process of recording an English album and 2 original Punjabi and Hindi songs. I’ll be continuing to put out content on all my social media platforms.

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