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In conversation with Rohit Roy – “It feels great to come back on TV!”

Rohit Roy reminisces his favourite role! 

From Swabhimaan to Sanjivani, tell us about your favourite roles that you have essayed thus far on Indian television.

“It is very difficult to pick one role when one has done such prolific work like I have on television. Each character has been really close to my heart and I’ve always walked away with a bit of that character after the show finishes. Honestly, every role leaves you a little enriched and a little more aware as an actor, but if I had to pick not one but two, then those are Rishabh Malhotra from Swabhimaan which made me what I am today and Vardhan from Sanjivani which re introduced me to television in a totally new avatar. I have always played the boy next door so to play Vardhan who has a cut and dried personality was a challenge.” Rohit says.

In what ways do you feel that Hindi serials have evolved from the 80s/90s to present day?

“I think television in India is like that baby who’s waiting to spring out of its mother’s womb.” He adds, “Yes, even now we are really grappling with what kind of shows we should make and what will work. My personal take is that though the canvas has become bigger, the stories we are saying are going in reverse. Though truth be told, there are very few shows that are international in their overall make up and content. As actors, we still ‘act’ hence I would love to be around when we produce a show like This is us which is a family drama and still keep it real and natural.”

Rohit’s take on the current reboot trend!

What is your take on the current trend of Hindi serial reboots, sequels & spin-offs?

“I think it’s a great trend as it’s a crossover between the last generation who still want to re-visit their youth and the gen next who want to know what the deal was with these landmark shows of Indian TV. I am happy that at least on that front, we are truly re-booting the shows, not replicating them, serials like Kasautii Zindagii Kay are still engaging the audiences of both generations, I can’t wait to revisit Swabhimaan as the recall of that show is phenomenal!”

What makes Sanjivani different from other serials?

“The content! It’s like no other show on TV right now. I’m glad that I got to be on a medical show which is real in approach and most importantly for me as an actor I am able to play a powerful character like Vardhan! Vardhan is a character which comes around once in an actors’ career, exactly like Rishabh Malhotra of Swabhimaan.” He adds, “We don’t pick these roles, they come as part of an actor’s destiny. I’m truly grateful that I’ve had the good fortune of getting two characters like these, one which is iconic, and one which I hope gets there.” (Smiles Rohit.)

Rohit Roy feels great to come back on TV!

How does it feel to come back on television?

“It feels great to be back on TV with Vardhan!” Rohit adds “Quite frankly, I’m at a loss for words to describe the feeling. As I’ve said earlier, it is the kind of role that actors would kill for and to come back on television after so many years with such a role doubles my joy. I message my producer and creator of the show Siddharth every other day to thank him. I am still a little numb with the reaction I’ve received for it.”

Were there any preparations that you had to undergo to get into the skin of Vardhan?

“We had a lot of workshops to establish the style, the speech, the intonations of the character. Since this is the first time I’m playing something like this, I needed a lot of help from the team but Siddharth’s guidance made it very clear as to how I should play Vardhan. Even before the show aired, he called to tell me that wait and watch Bhaiya, this is going to catapult you into a sphere you didn’t even think existed!” Rohit says.

What is your favourite part about playing Vardhan?

Rohit exclaims, “The scenes! Each one of them! All the scenes are loaded and powerful.” He adds, “Vardhan is almost autocratic in his running of Sanjivani. The dialogues are so good that I only have to deliver them. I’m not trying to be humble here but half of my work is done before I reach the sets as the costume designer has set such a fabulous look for me and the dialogue writer has written such good lines that I just land up and speak. I want to give a special mention to my director Abhijit without whom Vardhan wouldn’t have been Vardhan. It is his absolute trust in me that has helped me flower and grow into this role. Believe it or not, I was damn nervous the first day but after the very first shot, I was like… wait, I got this!”

Rohit Roy’s favourite scene in Sanjivani!

What has been your most favourite scene(s) to shoot for Sanjivani?

Every scene, every single scene! If I had to pick one, it would be my introduction scene with Mohnish. He’s my first co-star when I started my career hence it was very special to do my first scene with him!

How are your dynamics between your co-stars?

Rohit exclaims “OMG don’t even get me started on this… we are a riot! The energy is infectious as the younger lot are amazing that one has to be on their toes 24/7. Each actor is superb! My favourite of course is Surbhi who plays Dr. Ishani on the show. She’s the warmest, funniest, loveliest co-star I’ve worked with ever! I totally adore her! Our entire team is genuinely fond of each other which makes shooting a fun ride every day.”

Besides work, you recently visited the Maldives with your family. What was your favourite part of the trip?

If I could have my way, I would be out on a vacation once a month! Maldives was spectacular as everything was just heavenly especially the island where we stayed. The Centara Grand became like home the second day in! Our favourite part of the holiday was the private picnic just for Kiara, Manasi and I that they had organised on a totally uninhabited island right in the middle of the ocean where you couldn’t see anything else AT ALL! It was exhilarating to be there similar to a fantasy story! Rohit exclaims.

Rohit Roy thanks his fans!

Finally, would you like to give a message to your fans?

My only message is THANK YOU! Thank you for the warmth and support over the years and a very big thank you for all the love and messages you’ve sent for Vardhan! God bless you all!

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