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Crown The Brown: Saumya Tiwari Gautam – Mrs India South Africa 2018

Crown The Brown: Saumya Tiwari Gautam

Saumya Tiwari Gautam Mrs India 2018

Crown The Brown was joined by the amazing Saumya Tiwari Gautam! Medical doctor, Mrs India South Africa and Smile Foundation SA ambassador. Similarly, Born in India, the relocated Saumya became the newly crowned Mrs India this year! Pageants are always questioned for objectifying women because of their form of display. Above all, Saumya showed us how being a medical doctor and pageant winner can bring about change in the community. Saumya has probably done more community work than many other winners and used her occupation to good use in our communities. We had the privilege of finding out more about her life in South Africa as a medical doctor and Mrs India South Africa Winner!

Originally being from Mumbai, what was the biggest challenge you faced moving to Cape Town, South Africa?

I found that the people of this beautiful country are warm and welcoming. It was an exciting and easy transition. Moving from Mumbai to Cape Town. Therefore I faced no challenges or difficulties during my big move.

South Asian beauty, medical practitioner and the first Capetonian contestant to make the finals and win Mrs India South Africa in 11 years! How does that make you feel?

I feel ecstatic, humbled and thankful to God for giving me the opportunity in fulfilling my dreams and winning such a prestigious title.

What inspired you to enter the Mrs India South Africa contest? Why was it so important to you to have that platform?

Mrs India South Africa is not just a beauty pageant, it uplifts the worth of women through pageantry. I wanted to motivate, inspire and empower each woman to believe in themselves and achieve their potential.

Above all, how would you define the standard of beauty within society today as someone on such a big platform?

For me beauty is about how you respect and treat other people in your life. Beauty is about having an inner confidence and embracing yourself at every stage of your life.

What was your favourite memory throughout the pageant and why?

My favourite memory was to have my husband and my parents, who flew all the way from India, to support and stand by me all the way during the pageant. It was a wonderful and precious moment to win the title in front of them.

What does being Mrs India South Africa mean to you as a South Asian woman?

Mrs India South Africa opened a new chapter in my life and provides me a platform to serve humanity on a large scale by connecting with other people who share the same vision.

How do you hope to inspire and empower other women?

Education is very important to me. I feel if you want to be powerful, you need to be educated. I believe that women are already empowered. They just need someone to guide them. To make them realize how powerful they are. Hence, I would like to educate, motivate and inspire women to achieve their goals and dreams.

Being in the medical field and being a female, what are the assumptions people have of you in the field as a practitioner?

With God’s grace, I am always surrounded by very positive and supportive people who have a high regard and respect towards me. My colleagues and patients know me to be a very fun loving, helpful and caring doctor. I always strive to do the best for my patients. It’s my passion to serve humanity in the world.

Do you believe that we need more South Asian recognition in our society? What do you think challenges us as women in society?

Challenges are a part of life. I believe we need to accept the challenges of life and face them gracefully and with confidence.

What do you enjoy the most about being a South Asian woman?

Being an Indian woman, I love the diversity. Uniqueness and beauty of my culture and heritage.

Who inspires you the most and why?

My mother inspires me because she is my role model. Whatever I am today, is because of her. My mother is the one who gave me the strength and support to pursue my dreams in my life.

What do you hope to change within our communities with your new platform?

I would like to change the mindset of people, to make them realize that we are all created by God equally irrespective of our backgrounds and we must be willing to help each other whenever it’s needed.

What advice would you give to other women that might not think they are able to aspire to the goals that you have achieved?

Believe in yourself and have faith in God, because if you really want to achieve something from your heart, then the whole universe will work towards getting you that. Keep your eyes on the stars and feet on the ground.

Furthermore, on the 21st of December, Saumya recently won Most Influential Woman of South Africa 2018. At Wild Coast Casino, Port Edward, KZN. It is no secret that this amazing young woman is more than just beauty and brains. Saumya empowers so many other young females to work hard and never stop dreaming! It is amazing to see so much of ambition and the willingness towards change in such a vibrant soul! Be sure to follow Saumya‘s journey on instagram, follow her at @saumyatiwarigautam


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