Posted on December 29, 2018 at 5:42 pm

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The Ishq Girl Soumita Saha Redefines ‘Monochrome’ Photography

The Ishq Girl Soumita Saha Redefines ‘Monochrome’ Photography

Singer Soumita Saha redefines ‘Monochrome’, calling it the ‘Best Storyteller ever’

‘Monochrome’ reminds us of few words Ted Grant said “When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!” Young and mesmerizingly beautiful singing sensation Soumita Saha recently broke a misconception people keep nurturing about monochrome. The Ishq Girl took Instagram to sing the praise of monochrome where she posted a series of pictures in Monochromatic hue depicting her journey.

In one of the pictures the songbird posts a beautiful description “The songs of my monochromatism chimes through the ornamentations of pain. The have-nots weep in heart-wrenching modulated cacophony that defeated the paradise of melody. Far across the battlefield where the half-forgotten songs of golden era died decaying within the trench of time, my faith blossomed. The monochromatic hue conveyed the story of my helpless defeat.”

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Soumita is known for her contribution to the music industry. She is one of those successful Indian singers who sang for an international record label. In fact, her debut single Ishq was released from Miami and became a mega-hit within 24 hours of release. Soumita is famous for being verbal about various social issues that include blood stirring issues like Kathua Rape case and Sabari Incident too. The international singer dedicated beautiful melancholic poetry in memory of Kathua Rape victim. Soumita wrote a fabulous rhyming description in one of the pictures from her Monochrome series. “Waves of my monochrome nurtured untameable desire to feel the sunshine of ‘ once upon a time’ .. The broken dolls and injured knee barely knew how to fake ‘ i am fine’ ..” says the international singing sensation.

“Winter in tropical countries barely brings along melancholic vibes. In fact, winter is more about colors and happy vibes. But I feel happy and positive vibes have nothing to do with colors when it comes to pictorial representations. In fact, adding colors kind of hints presence of positive vibes in advance. If you really feel like radiating happy vibes, monochrome kind of really tells you about the presence of happy vibes. Monochrome is the best storyteller ever.” Adds the diva. Soumita is coming up with various new songs the next year for her listeners.

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