Posted on February 12, 2020 at 3:21 pm

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Punjabi singer Benny Dhaliwal hospitalized after alleged shooting!

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Punjabi Singer Benny Dhaliwal hospitalized after alleged shooting!!

Punjabi Singer Benny Dhaliwal hospitalized with multiple injuries. after an alleged shooting took place at his Gravesend home. There are reports that assailants fired multiple shots through an open window. Bystanders also claim that intruders broke into the home, assaulted the Punjabi artist and then shot him repeatedly. Kent police has launched an official attempted murder investigation.

Benny is a Punjabi singer who has has also written songs such as ‘Sunday’ and ‘Aish Karo’. He frequently collaborates with Bhangra producer Aman Hayer and is also a former professional Kabbadi player.

The Punjabi community shares its well wishes for Benny. Aman Hayer also shared his concern for Benny with an official statement via Instagram. He confirms that although Benny was hurt he is on his way to a swift recovery!