Posted on September 25, 2019 at 1:17 am

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Sanjana Sanghi gets told what and what not to do!

Actress Sanjana Sanghi opened up about her fear of being told *what you can and cannot be and how she came out of it

The Rockstar girl, Sanjana Sanghirecently gave a very inspirational Ted Talk in Ahmedabad where she spoke about how the thought of growing up, leaving the structured and nurturing walls of her school used to scare her. She had a preconceived notion of adulthood and wondered what if the path she chose in the future becomes mundane for her and what if she ended up not liking it.
Looking back at her school days, she said,
“Somewhere it was the fear that pushed me into various deep dives, be it into academia, performing arts, public speaking, social service or even *my* friendships.” The 23 year old shared her journey from academia to films very beautifully and poured her heart out to the *intrigued* audience.
She also shared that she was very shy and underconfident as a child. Her discovery of love for performing arts was backed by a bunch of unforeseen events and influences of unexpected forces. She ended on a note where she motivated the students to push themselves till their maximum limit because she believes that if she can do it, anyone can. 
Sanjana has been a TedX speaker previously at IIT Bhubhaneshwar and is *one of*  the youngest Bollywood actress to give a *TEDx* Talk. She has definitely achieved a lot at a very young age, from being a Delhi University topper to *gearing up for her Big Bollywood* debut in Dil Bechara In *November* this year, the young girl has come a long way. She gave an unfiltered speech to audience who had gathered in huge numbers from *IIM* Ahmedabad, Gujarat University and *neighbouring towns*
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