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Meet Luv Randhawa A Canadian Bhangra Singer From Vancouver

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Meet Luv Randhawa A Canadian Bhangra Singer From Vancouver

Meet Luv Randhawa A Canadian Bhangra Singer From Vancouver. Before he became a singer? Luv had a dream and that was to entertain. His passion was to bring the vibe to the parties and make people rock on his songs. This true entertainer at is heart brings family-friendly music to parties and concerts. Besides the kick and bhangra beats? Luv’s voice is the icing on the top. Luv Randhawa is a Canadian Bhangra singer based in Vancouver.

Luv is known for his solo album “This Side of Luv” which was released in 2011. Luv is a pioneer of the Bhangra Fusion Movement in the Western Hemisphere. In an interview, we had a chance to know more about this incredible artist. Meet Luv Randhawa

Let’s begin with yourself…. How did you get in music?

Music is in the blood! Entertaining, is in the blood! I never thought I’d be a singer as a profession, but more of an entertainer or actor. I loved choir, growing up and listening to the classics, which my parents always had playing. Fron Mohd. Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Mukesh, Lataji and to the western greats, Beatles, Ub40, Michael Jackson too Prince. A family that would cook and listens to music, was so awesome. Singing was more too express myself, in ways, acting couldn’t for me… love to have people come to my shows and leave their worries, behind at the door and dance with me for a few hours.

How did you get the name “Luv”? Is there a story behind it?

Lol, thank my massi ( mom’s sister) Believe me learned how to protect myself at an early age. It is a short form for my full name which is Luvdeep. Growing up was not easy with this name, but now I can actually appreciate the reason behind this name.

Your song “Luv’s desire” FT. Moka Only” is an English song and is filmed on the streets of Vancouver. Tell us more about the song.
I’ve known Dave Bouwman for many years, even as a member of the Grammy / Juno winning Band SoulDecision and we met at the Duran Duran concert a few years back. He knew I was doing well in music, and we sat and discussed an idea. Once we started writing and doing our thing. Dave and I agreed it was missing a piece, hence Moka Only of Swollen Members came into the mix. We made 1 call to the rapping West Coast Legend and Booom there you go… Desire hit #1 iTunes World Music Market and the rest was history. We are working in a few more records…. keep it locked!!

The music is a collaboration between the East and the West making it more diverse. What is your take on this?

Exactly, what I love doing. As I was born in the west ( UK) live in the west (Vancouver) but my roots and Heritage are the East ( India) ( Pakistan) so for me as a creative artist, I needed and wanted to represent who I truly am… so it was easy!!

How difficult was it to collaborate with other Canadian artists? Tell us more.
It is very tough as if you don’t have billion fake YouTube hits, no one wants to try and work on something new. The real issue is too much ego in the Indian Music Industry. But the more people hear about me and my past the phone is starting to ring and I feel happy that the current wave is shifting!!

What was your first job out of high school? Did you ever thought you would be a singer one day?
It was a piece of me. That I am proud that I started from the bottom and worked my way up. Convenience store clerk… but singing wasn’t always my future, it was acting. But I love music and am honored to make music for you all!!!

If I take over your phone now. What would be the top five songs on your music playlist?

At the moment it’s both my albums 17 English Tracks and 17 Indian Punjabi Urdu Hindi Tracks… just making sure all is right!! But I do have a lot on my phone for all types of music. I’ll show you, and then you can believe me…lol!!

Share a time when life gave you lemons and you made lemonade out of it…
My life has been pretty good I must say! I’ve worked very hard to stay on the straight and narrow! Nothing except a few incidents in the studio. Some days you just want to give in, but then you get up and rehearse and as music kicks in you forget all the troubles. That is what I personally try to deliver to my listeners. Put on the song kick back and just relax.

Where would you like to perform on a stage?

Anywhere, I am wanted !! I want to perform, but before that, I just want to have people hear my music and appreciate the hard work I have put into my videos and product!!! #1LUVALWAYS is my motto…as the world is truly a stage for all creative artists…. just respect all and support everyone’s effort!!

Some words for your fans…….
Much love and respect for always following and listening… I’ve been in the industry for close to 20 yrs. Check out my name on Google and see where I have been, come and will be going! Just want that same love, I give u!! So enjoy and stay in touch!! Love always Luv!!

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