Posted on September 24, 2016 at 11:31 am

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Jasmin Bhasin and Naman Shaw bond!

Naman Shaw and Jasmin Bhasin of TV show Tashan-e-Ishq bonded well on the sets. Jasmin says that it took her a couple of days to open up to Naman, initially when he joined the show,

“Earlier I had built a certain rapport with Siddhant (Gupta) who played Kunj. But when he left the show and Naman replaced him, I was very formal with him at the start. But a few days later, we got talking and became close buddies. Its interesting, that their first scene together was a romantic one, which may have made things awkward, but Naman disagrees,


“My first scene with Jasmin was a romantic one, where we had to hug and we’d barely been introduced with each other! However, since both of us are actors, we know how to go about our jobs in a professional manner.”




Jasmin on the other hands says that instead of awkward, it is a laugh riot, when they film intimate and romantic scenes.

She says

“We became good friends in a short while, so it was sometimes funny when we filmed the romantic scenes. We laughed a lot during these scenes and sometimes the director would have to stop us!”

Naman feels that it is the comfort level they share that makes their chemistry so sparkling,

“We’re good friends who understand each other. There’s an off-screen equation between us which makes the on-screen chemistry come alive. Besides, our characters in the show, Kunj and Twinkle, are not a serious couple. They’re spunky, and that’s the best part. Most of the time you’ll see us on the set enjoying our scenes. This translates to good chemistry.”

Off-screen, the duo bond over chats during their lunch break and their combined passion; working out. Says Naman,

“We both are gym freaks. So there is a lot to discuss during breaks regarding our workouts and diets among other things.”

It’s good to know that co-stars bond.