Posted on September 24, 2016 at 11:38 am

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Filous Drops Vibrant Visual for "Emelie" w/ MOUNT and Buster Moe!

It’s time to turn up the volume this Fall and add this to your play list! A vibrant and electrifying new video from a 19-year-old Austrian electronic music giant-on-the-rise, filous for “Emelie” is about to blow you away!

19- year old Matthais Oldofredi better known as his alter ego, filous, is considered one of the fastest rising stars in electronic music. Filous began to deconstruct tracts forms his favorite independent artists and flips them into alternately exuberant and wistful dance remixes. Dabbling with every instrument that intrigues him and mastering it, filous evolved from a naturally gifted instrumentalist to precocious beat-maker artist.

His debut EP, Dawn, is distinguished by filous’ focus on rhythm and motion. In addition to establishing his own voice, filous remains committed to exposing listeners to overlook and undiscovered artist, whether they’re unsung singer-songwriters like Jake Isaac or part of Vienna;s overlooked acoustic and electronic scene.