Posted on September 2, 2016 at 2:42 am

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"I was always fascinated by the Krishna Radha love story" – Shweta Rohira

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Shweta Rohira who is an artist and a writer too has a huge fascination for the love story of Lord Krishna and Radha. She recently painted a picture of them. So what inspired her to paint?


Shweta says,

“I was always fascinated by their love story, which is filled with unconditional love and compassion.For me they are the best metaphor for silence communication. During my teen’s I have heard the Leela’s of Radha-Krishna and one particular quote always remains in my mind. Once Radha asked Shri Krishna “Priye tum Mujse  shadhi kab karoge ” Krishna answered,” Priye shaadi Main do log  hote hai par hum toh ek hai”. I have always been a keen follower of Bhagwad Gita.”

Shweta also adds,

“I think Lord Krishna is a perfect Hero. He sings, plays instrument, dances, perfect warrior and a strategist, his teachings show us the path of life. He is our creator. He and his companion Radha they teach together the definition of “togetherness”. I showed my gratitude to him by making different paintings, One Bal Krishna and other NandLal.”

Shweta’s fondest Janmashtami memory is when Bal Krishna is dressed and placed in the cradle decorated with different flowers as she finds the whole atmosphere soothing and enriching.

So did she gift a painting to her superstar brother, Salman Khan? She says,

“No not yet, but every time I make something on Shri Krishna I remember his song, “Chandi ke dal par sone ka more” from the film Hello Brother in which he is breaking the Dahi Handi.”

Check out pictures of her paintings below.
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