Posted on September 1, 2016 at 5:32 am

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Divyanka touches the 2 million mark on Instagram!

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The super-talented actress Divyanka Tripathi who plays Ishita in Ye Hai Mohabatein and whose marriage to actor Vivek Dahiya was the talk of the town this year, has touched two million followers fans on Instagram. When asked about the milestone, Divyanka says,

“It’s 2 million times of love that I am receiving and I feel ecstatic.”

When asked whether it was the fact that she is social media savvy that she got such a response, she revealed,

“I love talking to my fans. I try interacting with them whenever I am free. I even visit their pages and try seeing what their life is about. So, just like how they try to know me, even I try to get to know them whenever I find time. We have quite a healthy interaction.”

Divyanka Tripathi in red

Not just that, the actress even admitted to surprising her fans on social media. She said,

“I like surprising them at times. I just interact with random people and reply to their messages. I know that there are questions they want to ask me. And, rather than depend on the media, to share my thoughts, I feel that I should directly talk to them and tell them what they want to know.”

Well, so much for being social media savvy, but in your case Divyanka, we feel that being a nice human being who values her fans has really worked out!

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