Posted on August 6, 2016 at 11:17 pm

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Meghna Naidu talks TV cinema!

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Meghna Naidu who was last seen in Sasural Simar Ka would be seen in long cameo in – Ek Maa Jo Laakhon Ke Liye Bani Amma as Hanan anachne wali who is one of the hottest and boldest lady in the town is known for her skills in getting any man wooed,. She secretly loves Parvez (Shawar Ali) who is also her neighbor and challenges Zeenat that she will have Parvez shared with her. Meghna confirms,

“The shows concept is unique and for a change it’s highly woman centric. My look is on the lines of Rekha of Umrao Jaan. She comes into the life of Amma (Urvashi Sharma) and troubles her. I am a dancer too in real life and have done variety of dance forms in India traditional dancing I am quite comfortable. I guess I have been cast because of that only. People think I have quit the industry and I want to tell the world that I do travel for my shows but haven’t quit India or industry.”

Ek Maa Jo Laakho Ke Liye Babni Amma is produced by Farhn P. Zamma and Asif Shaikh and is one of the most talked about show for its unique content.

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