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#FriendShipDay: TV folks talk about their views on friendship!

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Friends do gather today because well incase you did not know today is FriendShip Day! Be sure to express your love to your friends and that is your best-friend today! TV Actors also shared a few reasons why they value Friendship!

Amruta Khanvilkar : Friendship is very important it not only helps to to connect with souls who are not your blood but also help you grow in life friends are a family we choose and they influence most of our lives and vice versa friendship for me is forever. I don’t let anyone come close to me but once the doors are open then for that person I can do anything and everything. I love my friends and they have brought out the best in me be it masti or focus or seriousness towards one’s issues. They are the only ones with whom I don’t have to think and behave. One thing I have learnt from one of my close friend is that people are going to come in your life and hurt you but you have to choose the ones who are worth it.

Amruta Khanvilkar (2)

Jasmin Bhasin : In school we used to buy friendship bands on friendship day and tie it to all the friends but now as I have gown I have realised friendship is much more than just tying bands, friendship is the strongest bond and a relationship that doesn’t need fake conversation or being together. As long as the relationship lives in the heart , true friends never part because now as we all have busy life we don’t meet so much but we are still very close and whenever we meet we talk our hearts out.

Jasmin Bhasin (5)

Mreenal Deshraj – I live alone in this city usually so friends are family for me. I can’t function without them I don’t meet them so often but important is they understand me totally. I don’t need to talk or meet often. I know they are just there for me without any expectation and have accepted me the way I am. My parents and my sisters are my friends and I am emotionally attached.

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Jay Soni
“Friendship day is for me is celebrating a relationship that we get to choose ourselves in this life and it’s like patting your back and saying “good job done. From the industry I have a lot of close friends so can’t name one. Every ones stood by me through my thick and thin and through fat and thin and through rich and poor days. I know that they love me unconditionally.

Jay Soni-new

Mrunal Jain

Friends are very important in life. I can’t live without the people who matter. It’s an emotional need and I value my friends. I will do anything for my friends. Friends are something we choose. I can’t think of life without friends. Life without friends is like food without salt. Friends inspire you to be the best and make your life a meaningful one. Their unconditional love makes life a smooth journey

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Vibhu Raghave : Friendship is accepting your friend without judgement yet being an honest mirror for them to give them timely reality check. It’s about giving an unconditional support and inspiring your friend to better themselves in all possible spheres of life. My friends are in real sense my handpicked family and I keep them on the same priority level as I keep myself or my family. What I have learnt from my friend is that friendship isn’t a 8 hour or 12 hour shift. When you sign up for friendship you should be happily available for 24*7 and that’s when the magic of friendship shines in your life.

Vibhu Raghav

Asmita Sood : Friendship means a lot to me it makes the basis of my universe and my life. I always make a point to invest some time everyday to keep in touch with the people who are instrumental to my life. One important thing I learnt from a close friend is being grounded and keeping my head on my shoulders at all times.

Asmita Sood

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