Posted on July 8, 2016 at 1:23 pm

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Woah! One phone conversation with Anil Kapoor landed Sikandar Kher '24'!

Sikandar Kher, who recently received rave reviews for his performance in Tere Bin Laden 2, managed to floor veteran superstar Anil Kapoor with his audition for the second season of hit TV show 24–over the phone!

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After making all the right kind of noise in its first season, 24, an adaptation of the hit American television series of the same name, is all set to up the ante in its second outing. One brilliant addition to the cast is Sikandar Kher, who will be seen playing a negative character. What helped Sikandar land the role was the extra attention he gave to his character, going so far as to learn Gorakhpuri for the part. He spent hours observing people in order to get the dialect and body language down pat.

Apparently, just one telephone conversation with 24’s lead actor and producer Anil Kapoor sealed the deal. Anil, along with directors Abhinay Deo and Rensil D’Silva, were mightily impressed by fluency of language and the flavor Sikandar added to the character.

Says Sikandar,

“When I heard the role I was offered, I wanted to add an extra touch to the character. I thought talking in Gorakhpuri language will give the character a different personality. So i started learning Gorakhpuri language by observing people. Slowly when i got my dialect right i called up Anil Sir and spoke to him in Gorakhpuri..He instantly loved it and thats how my character shaped up.”

Season 2 of 24 is slated to premiere on 23 July 2016, on Colors TV.