Posted on June 22, 2016 at 3:18 am

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Jimmy Sherigill's Shorgul facing ban in Muzaffarnagar – uh oh!

We aren’t surprised that India ban’s so many films and why is that? What happened to freedom of Art. If America can tell millions of stories without bans then why can’t we watch films across India which still are part of film and the art world? Well seems like after Udta Punjab which was lifted from a Ban and U/A Certificate now Shorgul is facing such issues in such areas of India. The 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots have returned to haunt local authorities in the Uttar Pradesh district with the upcoming film, Shorgul, being made on it. The film is based on 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots and going by recent news it will not be screened in the Uttar Pradesh district, along with other cities like Meerut, Kandla and Bhavani.

With hardly a few days left for its release, the Muzaffarnagar district magistrate has decided not to allow screening of the Jimmy Sheirgill and Ashutosh Rana starrer.

“Since it is a sensitive issue, the district authorities are worried that it might reopen old wounds and lead to violence. That’s why they are not in favor of allowing the film to enter theatres in Muzaffarnagar,” says a film distribution source.

From the time the film’s trailer released, there has been talk about how Jimmy Sheirgill’s character bears a striking resemblance to UP politician Sangeet Som, an accused in the riots. Som had reportedly also filed a PIL for a ban on Shorgul as he was apprehensive of his portrayal in the film.

“The film has been on the radar of various political parties as well as the Censor Board for touching upon issues like Muzzafarnagar riots, Babri Masjid demolition, Godhra riots and now Kairana. The Board had also asked the makers to mute words like Godhra and Gau Ganga from the film, which was complied with. Interestingly, most of the scenes have been shot during real-time political rallies and proceedings,” adds the source.



Confirming the news about a ban on Shorgul in Muzaffarnagar, the film’s co- producer Vyas Verma says,

“We have repeatedly stated that Shorgul is not a depiction of any specific incident or occurrence, but a reflection of what happens in our society keeping Uttar Pradesh as the backdrop. But, this news (of the film’s ban in Muzaffarnagar) is unfortunate and sad. We want to question the authorities why they are particularly stopping the film in Muzaffarnagar. Are they afraid of anything?”