Posted on June 22, 2016 at 3:40 am

Bollywood Featured What's Happenin'

Freida Pinto to make her first appearance at IIFA!

IIFA is about to get some Hollywood Glam! Global star Freida Pinto is all set to have everyone’s tongues wagging this year and believed to be making her first ever appearance at an Indian awards show this year with IIFA in Madrid, Spain. Not only can we expect her to rule the red carpet but we are also told by insider sources that she will be presented with the award for “International Icon” as a celebration of how she’s shaped her career in the international arena.

Says an industry source,

“Slumdog Millionaire was that massive breakthrough point for India in the international film market. While we did see Indian actors be a part of Hollywood films, Slumdog ensured that Indian talent was looked at far more seriously. Freida’s fame and her journey post Slumdog has been incredible – working with some of the most coveted names in the business like Christian Bale, Woody Allen, Tarsem Singh, Terrence Mallik, Henry Cavil, James Franco etc. In each of her films, she was seen playing key roles – either main protagonists or catalysts to the story. In addition to her acting talents, she even put India on the fashion map as one of the youngest, most loved fashionistas. She has not stopped at just film and fashion, but has ensured she is a voice for girls education and women’s rights the world over with her incredible commitment to her non profit work too. She is a truly does deserve this honor.”


Freida will be seen attending IIFA and will fly off straight to Monrovia from there to join the First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters to visit young girls and help them receive quality education as part of Michelle Obama’s Let Girls Learn campaign.