Posted on June 21, 2016 at 3:56 am

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Experience "Bliss" with Naiem Reza (ft. Penn Masala, Kavita Seth, Raaginder) #StopHate

The official music video for Naiem Reza’s album single, “Bliss” (feat. Penn Masala, Kavita Seth, Raaginder) #StopHate is officially out. Naiem debuted his first fusion single last year with Penn Masala who was featured in Pitch Perfect 2 and have performed for President Obama). This song was mixed in the biggest Bollywood studio in the world – Yash Raj Films studio! Dance is a form of unity that is laced with equality, passion, unity, and peace. Our world is hurt, so we must join hands and heal together. This video is a reminder that we need to stop the hate!

When asked why he chose to make this track, Naiem told us,

“In light of the recent events we have had in the recent years, I felt the need that equality was an important message that was needed to be conveyed by the South Asian community. The music video for Bliss features dancers locally and globally. The campaign is revolved around “Stop Hate”, a phrase that has been used recently that I believe is extremely powerful and touches base on inequalities on all levels. After the Orlando incident, we felt that getting our message out through art is a beautiful thing, that not only brings solidarity to the atrocity, but also brings light to our rich culture, that many assume negative about.”

We love that this video focuses on such a great cause and truly hope it helps stop the hate!

Video Details:

Lead vocalists: Penn Masala, Kavita Seth
Violin Solo: Raaginder ‘Violinder’ Momi
Composed by: Naiem
Mixed & Mastered at Yash Raj Film Studios by Dipesh Batalvi
iTunes: All proceeds are charitable.

Video directed by: Naiem Reza, Sam Motamedi
Lead videographer: Sam Motamedi
Lead editor: Bhavesh Chauhan

Assistant Videographers, Editors, and Contributors:
Preet Mandavia, Pratyay Mukhopadhyay, Kierianne Baylor, Fahad Zaman, Sumukh Bhatia, Bhavesh Chauhan