Posted on May 22, 2016 at 10:36 am

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When Sandeep Anand turned Shanta Lopez!

When we saw this Shaantabai on the set of May I Come In, Madam? we mistook her for a new actress on the block. Little did we know that she was actually the lead actor Sandeep Anand who had disguised himself as a maid.

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Sandeep said,

“They have made me a woman before this. I feel the two hot actresses don’t bring as much glamour in the show as I do. I have observed several domestic helps go about their chores, and that helped me pull off the character.“

Sandeep further adds,

“It’s not easy to become a girl or woman.The response on the set was fantastic.”

On being asked who is your all time favorite woman character in Bollywood he says,

“My favorite woman disguise character from Bollywood film is Kamal Hasan from Chachi 420 and according to me so far no one has done it so beautifully.”

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